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iLab Portal FAQs

How do Internal/UMB user login?

Internal/UMB users login with you a myUMB user-name and password. Below is a “How to” PDF with images to help. Registration takes about 1 minute or so.

How Internal UMB Users Login to iLab


How do Internal/UMB faculty members obtain an iLab?

Faculty with sponsored funds automatically have an iLab.

How do faculty members who currently do not have sponsored funds/grants set-up an iLab?

This is very easy to set-up!

  • Register as an Internal/UMB user with your myUMB ID and password
  • Proof your contact information
  • From the dropdown list of PI’s please select "UMB Start-Up Lab"
  • Then save/complete the registration
  • After that we will set-up an iLab under your name and contact you!

How do members of a PI’s lab become associated with the PI’s iLab?

No worries, we got you covered!

First time registrants:

  • Register as an Internal/UMB user with her/his my UMB ID and Password
  • Select your faculty PI from the dropdown list
  • Save/complete your registration
  • CIBR will communicate with the PI about approving you to her/his iLab and assigning funds to use. Below is a helpful “How to” PDF to assist you:

Getting Started with iLab: Students, Postdocs, Research Staff and Other Non-PI's

If you need to switch PI labs or be added to an additional PI’s iLab:

  • Email and copy the PI whose iLab you wish to join.
  • CIBR will facilitate the process from there!

How do Internal/UMB add grants into iLab?

iLab is updated each night by the UMB financial system.  So long as the grant is in the UMB financial system it will be in iLab. There is nothing you need to do!

What if I need to use a grant that is under another PI’s name/iLab?

Email with a copy to the PI that owns the grant. If the other PI will provide permission via email then CIBR will add you to her/his iLab and grant access to the grant. Easy!

How do I add non-sponsored funds to my iLab for use at the Cores?

Email for assistance with a copy to your department administrator.  So long as she/he approves we can make this addition very quickly.

What if I have received an Internal Award and need to add it to my iLab?

No problem, just let us know what group on campus issued the award (ICTR, Cancer Center, SOM Dean’s Office, etc.) and the name of the award. CIBR will facilitate things from there. Email

Can a PI manage the funds that lab members have access to?

Most Certainly! You can either email or call us with your wishes or use the “How to” PDF below to learn how to manage this yourself!

How PI's and Lab Managers Assign Funds in iLab to Lab Members

Can I designate a senior member of my lab or an administrator to manage the membership of my iLab and the assignment of funds each lab member has access to?

Good call and yes you can! Email with the name of the person you wish to handle this and we will set this up and provide a “how to overview” to your specified lab/business manager.

I am an Administrator who needs access to view invoices for faculty members using the Cores. How do I gain access?

Email with the names of the faculty members whose invoices you wish to be able to view and we can set-up access and explain how to find the invoices.

Now that I have access to view invoices, how do I locate the invoices in iLab?

Not a problem. Follow the step-by-step directions in the following guide:

Accessing Existing Invoices in iLab.

I can see the reservation calendar for Core Equipment I want to use but the system won’t let me make a reservation? What is up with that?

It could be a few things:

Only trained users can make reservations.

  • Speak with the Core Director or Core Manager.
    • If you are a trained user it will only take a minute to update your access in the system.
  • The Core can assist with this as can
  • If you are not a trained user then the Core will set-up a time for training with you

Reservations must be made by Core staff.  When in doubt… speak with the Core Director or Manager.

I am a Cancer Center member using a Cancer Center supported Core but I am not seeing my Cancer Center rate… who should I speak with?

Easy fix! Email and we will check with the Cancer Center for verification and get things set-up for you ASAP.

How do external users log into the iLab system?

There are two ways for External/Non-UMB Users to access our Cores via iLAb

  • External users who have an iLab account at her/his home-institution should login at her/his institution and search for the UMB Core they wish to use. Simple!
  • External users who do not use iLab at her/his home-institution will need to complete a short, one-time registration from our iLab portal. Below is a helpful “how to” PDF to assist.

How External Non-UMB Users Register for CIBR's iLab

How do Internal/UMB users pay for bills resulting from the use of the Cores?

Could not be easier! 

  • CIBR works with each Core to review billings at the close of each month and typically processing billings for the recently closed month on the 2nd Tuesday of the month.
    • EX: Internal Billings for March would be batched and processed on the 2nd Tuesday in April
  • These charges are uploaded to eUMB (just like BIORESCO) and transactions are typically processed and posted by the next business day.

How do external/Non-UMB users pay for bills resulting from the use of the Cores?

CIBR works with the Cores to review billings at the close of each month and typically submits invoices to UMB’s Customer Billing Office on or around the 2nd Tuesday of the month

  • EX: Billings for External March would be batched and processed on or around the 2nd Tuesday in April
  • External users will receive an invoice from UMB’s Customer Billing Office and then can make payment via check or credit card

How do I access Cores at other institutions?

Accessing Cores at other institutions is best done by first logging into our iLab portal and searching for them from there.

Please follow the directions in this PDF to access Cores at other institutions via our iLab portal.