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Creating a Service Center

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If you have any questions or would like to discuss establishing a core, please contact Tom McHugh.

Why Create a Core?

Centers, Departments and Programs that wish to charge for the use of specialized equipment and/ or services provided to other investigators within or outside of the Institution must follow a set of basic costing principles and business practices. Please review the information below to learn more.

How to Start a New Core/Service Center

1. Propose Your New Core

Email CIBR’s Administration to schedule a time to meet and discuss your proposed new Core. This will help ensure the new Core would not create duplicate services and/or technology.

2. Familiarize Yourself with Regulations

There are many regulations related to fee-for-service Cores/Service Centers. Please review the following:

UMB website regarding Service Centers

UMB Service Center Policy

UMB Service Center Operations Manual

NIH’s FAQ on Service Centers

3. Develop a Written Proposal

If your idea for a Core is deemed viable, CIBR will provide guidance and support in developing a written proposal which will be reviewed by CIBR’s Advisory Committee.

4. Begin Operations

Core/Service Centers can operate for a few years before submitting the official Service Center Proposal to the SOM Dean’s Office. However, all Cores MUST operate in compliance with the policies and procedures associated with running an "official" Core/Service Center.

5. Creation of iLab

CIBR will support the new Core and department administration by creating an iLab portal for the Core to ensure investigators have easy access to the services and/or instrumentation. CIBR will also help manage billings/collections and reporting tools.