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Clinical Rotations

Our Academic Year is comprised of thirteen 4-week Block Rotations:

Corinne Renner

"From someone going into general practice, I can't imagine being in a training program where I did my pediatric rotation in my second year, and then didn't take care of a child for a year and a half. I take care of kids almost every other week, even though I haven't done a peds rotation in a year. You don't get rusty; you're constantly going back to things that you haven't thought about in a while with different skill sets." – Dr. Corinne Renner, CA-3 Class of '24 & 2023-24 Chief Resident

Mary Pavlovich

"This year two new rotations were added: OB Rotation at Anne Arundel Medical Center and an ambulatory rotation at University of Maryland Midtown Campus. For both rotations, the patient population is different from the patients that we see at University of Maryland Medical Center." - Dr. Mary Pavlovich, CA-3 Class of '24 & 2023-24 Chief Resident