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Critical Care Anesthesiology

Two people in the simulation labDivision members will provide world-class care for critically ill patients in multiple intensive care units across the institution. The Division’s intensivists will plan and execute clinical research studies, including multicenter studies and prospective clinical and translational studies. All members will maintain an active leadership role as educators for medical students, residents, and fellows. Curricula and educational products will be developed and disseminated both locally and nationally. Members will play a direct role in various patient safety and quality improvement initiatives. Members from the Division will actively participate in all critical care-related committees in the institution, representing the interests of the Department of Anesthesiology, and chairing committees when appropriate. The Division Chief will coordinate and lead these efforts, providing mentoring and guidance.

The missions of the Division of Critical Care are:

  1. Provide exemplary care for critically ill patients
  2. Conduct cutting edge clinical and basic research
  3. Educate the next generation of anesthesiologist-intensivists
  4. Teach the concepts of airway management, resuscitation and pulmonary care to medical students and other health professionals
  5. Harness initiative and innovation in all of these areas

Group of men in the operating room


Faculty members in the Division of Critical Care Medicine provide care for critically ill patients in the surgical intensive care unit (SICU), neurosciences intensive care unit, cardiac surgical intensive care unit (CSICU), and trauma/neurotrauma intensive care units. All members are board-certified in anesthesiology, with an additional subspecialty certification in critical care medicine or neurocritical care (UCNS).

Education: Medical students and residents who rotate through the Surgical ICU gain valuable experience in the management of critically ill patients and attend lectures during their rotations. All residents are required to pass the Society of Critical Care Medicine’s Fundamentals of Critical Care Support course during their initial rotation.

The Division offers a Critical Care Medicine Fellowship, accredited by the ACGME. In addition to learning all aspects of care for seriously ill patients, fellows participate in lectures and journal clubs on a weekly basis.



Critical Care Medicine Fellowship - Elizabeth Cox Williams, M.D., Program Director

To find out more about our fellowship program please click here

Important Critical Care Links


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