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Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology

The faculty members of Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology are skilled clinicians who provide anesthesia services for over 1,400 cases a year in state-of-the-art operating rooms (ORs) as well as the electrophysiology, and cardiac catheterization laboratories. The University of Maryland Medical Center offers advanced cardiopulmonary life supports, including ventricular assist device, and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) to critically ill patients.

Our division members work closely with surgeons, perfusionists, and intensivists in a wide variety of cases, including minimally invasive valve repairs, coronary revascularization, major aortic surgery, ventricular assist device placement, transplantations, and adult congenital procedures. During these procedures, our division provides perioperative transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) service with the help of sonographers using 4 TEE machines with 3D imaging capabilities.

The members of our team constantly strive to improve the quality of care for cardiovascular patients based off critical review of our performances in blood conservation, thromboprophylaxis, and infection control. The collaborative atmosphere among different specialties typifies one of the many strengths of our medical center.



  • Jessica Chou, MD
  • Giles Dongmo, MD
  • Aaron Sachs, MD


  • Inna Shats, MA, BS, RDCS, FASE, Chief Sonographer - EMAIL
  • Bobby Ezzati, RCS - EMAIL
  • Kristen Jordan, RDCS - EMAIL
  • Sarah Krejak, RDCS - EMAIL
  • Glenda March - EMAIL

Education and Research

Education: Our faculty members actively in teach residents, fellows, and medical students in and out of ORs. Anesthesiology residents are exposed to a wide variety of anesthetic techniques along with TEE, and blood conservation techniques.  Participation in Cardiothoracic Fellowship provides further specialization in cardiothoracic anesthesiology by providing extensive TEE training, patient blood management, and research opportunities. Dr Odonkor currently serves as an ABA Oral Board Examiner, ABA MOCA minute question writer and member of the Standardized Oral Examination Committee at the ABA.

Research: Cardiothoracic Division members actively conduct their own research, participate in multi-center clinical trials, and support cardiac surgeons in evaluating new surgical techniques and cardiopulmonary devices. One of the major research focuses is coagulation monitoring in complex cardiac surgery. One of the major research focuses in the Division is coagulation monitoring in complex cardiac surgery. Dr. Williams spends a significant proportion of her time in the laboratory and her research interests include cardiopulmonary bypass associated coagulopathy and sepsis induced coagulopathy. Drs. Williams, Strauss and Odonkor are actively involved in the Cardiac Xenotransplantation program at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, which has produced the longest surviving orthotopic pig heart to baboon xenotransplant. Dr. Strauss was involved in the first successful minimally invasive intraoperative TEE guided “HARPOON” assisted repair of the Mitral Valve in North America.


  • Dr. Strauss was selected to serve as a member of the SCA research committee.
  • Dr. Henderson was selected to serve as a member of the SCA Blood Conservation Committee. He also serves on the Faculty Senate, Diversity Advisory Committee and Admission Committee at the University of Maryland School of Medicine
  • Dr. Odonkor serves as a member on the Perfusion Advisory Committee of the Maryland Board of Physicians.

Oral Presentation:

  •  Henderson RA, Hematological Effects After Autologous Blood Infusion in Cardiac Surgical Patients, SABM, University of Maryland, Baltimore, Oral. 2020

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