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Safety, Clinical Outcomes, Research, and Effectiveness (SCORE) Program

Anesthesiology has been a pioneer in patient safety since the late 1970s and remains a leader in the field through its partnership with the American Society of Anesthesiologists’ Anesthesia Quality Institute and the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation. Our Safety, Clinical Outcomes, Research, and Effectiveness (SCORE) Program is dedicated to continuing this tradition of excellence by: SCORE graphic without text

  • Responding to patient safety concerns 
  • Developing guidelines for best practice  
  • Supporting quality improvement projects
  • Providing educational  and training opportunities
  • Ensuring professional excellence
  • Collaborating with other patient safety and quality stakeholders at the University of Maryland Medical Center and at the School of Medicine
  • Participating in national patient safety and quality initiatives

SCORE Program Committees

Morbidity, Mortality and Performance Improvement (MMPI) Committee

The MMPI committee focuses on creating a clinical culture of continuous quality and safety improvement. At regularly-scheduled MMPI meetings, a diverse group of anesthesiology clinicians systematically evaluate serious or unusual events for system-based factors, errors, and other opportunities for improvement in the delivery of safe patient care. MMPI committee members receive training in event analysis and cognitive processes. They rotate as third-party presenters at the monthly Morbidity and Mortality conference, which facilitates robust discussion in an environment that avoids placing an emphasis on personal blame for error. Committee members also recommend and help implement changes to systems and processes that reduce the chance of patient harm in the future.

Professional Review and Performance Committee (PRPC)

The PRPC assists the Chair of the Department of Anesthesiology in ensuring that clinical care delivery by the professional staff of the Department conforms to accepted standards of practice. Committee members follow a standardized process for each case review in order to maximize and facilitate transparency and consistency. Reviewers are encouraged to identify system factors that could be altered to improve the quality of care, which are referred to the MMPI committee for consideration. Experienced clinicians representing all clinical divisions participate on the PRPC.

Perioperative Data Registry and Research Program (PDRR)

The Perioperative Data Registry and Research Program’s role is to maintain the Perioperative Data Warehouse (PDW) and promote its use for clinical research, quality improvement, and quality assurance efforts.

Perioperative Data Warehouse

The Department of Anesthesiology maintains the Perioperative Data Warehouse (PDW), a data warehouse that is used for research and operational purposes. Collaborators on research and quality improvement projects from within the Department, School of Medicine, and University of Maryland Medical System work closely with SCORE's PDW team to maximize use of this rich data resource while adhering to high standards of data practice and research ethics. Potential collaborators should contact Miranda Gibbons for more information.

Patient Safety Officer

Megan Graybill Anders, MD
Associate Chair for Safety and Quality 
Associate Professor of Anesthesiology
Department of Anesthesiology
University of Maryland Medical Center
Phone: (410) 328-4213

Program Contact

Alison Brennan, MS, RN, CPHQ
Quality and Patient Safety Nurse
Phone: (410) 328-5704