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Presenting at MSRD

Presentation Registration & Abstract Submission

To present and compete at MSRD, eligible medical students interested in participating must 1) register their presentation and then 2) submit the abstract by the deadlines below. Registration and abstracts will be submitted electronically through online forms that will be provided.  Please read the information and instructions below for each step carefully prior to submission.

Presentation Registration and Abstract Submission are closed.

Presenter and Research Eligibility

All of the following requirements for eligibility must be met.  If you have any questions regarding eligibility below, please submit your question through Ask MSRD.

  1. Presenter must be a medical student currently attending the University of Maryland School of Medicine (UM SOM) and who has completed at least one year of medical school.
  2. Presenter must have conducted the research while matriculated as a UM SOM student and within two years from the date of MSRD, regardless of the location of the research.
  3. The content of the research must be related to biomedical fields or health topics. Clinical case presentations or vignettes are eligible.
  4. The research must not have been presented at a previous MSRD.  Research that is an extension of research presented at a previous MSRD is permitted.  If it is an extension, prior research and data can be included as part of the background and preliminary data.
  5. The research must not be part of thesis or dissertation research. Dual degree students (MD/PhD and MD/MS) are eligible if the research was conducted prior to PhD or MS training.

Note: To be eligible for award prizes, presenter must be present at the Awards segment on Day 2 (~3:55-4:25pm).

Presentation Registration

Presentation Registration Deadline: Tuesday, September 29, 2020, 11:59 pm EST.

Presentation registration is closed. 

Please review the "Presentation Registration" guidelines document above carefully for detailed instructions before submitting your entry. Presentations must be registered prior to abstract submission.  Late registration submissions are not guaranteed to be considered.

Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission Deadline: Friday, October 16, 2020, 11:59 pm EST.

Late abstract submissions will not be accepted and will not be included in the abstract booklet.

Abstract submission is closed.

Applicable Documents

Notes regarding the documents:

  • Please review the "Abstract Submission" document above carefully for detailed instructions before submitting your entry.  Presentation must be registered prior to abstract submission.  Please have your registration ID ready.
  • If the co-authors information is ready to be submitted while the abstract content may take some time to finalize, the co-author information can be submitted first and the abstract body can be submitted later, prior to the abstract submission deadline. See One-Step or Two-Step process below.
  • The "Co-Author Worksheet" can be used to collect information in preparation for co-author information section of abstract submission. 
  • Abstract booklets from past MSRD can be used for reference as examples of abstract content.

One-Step or Two-Step Submission Process

Presenters can choose to submit their abstract using either the One-Step or Two-Step process. See "Abstract Submission" guidelines for detailed instructions.

One-Step: Choose this option if you have the co-authors information and the abstract content ready for submission.

Two-Step: Choose this option if you have the co-authors information ready to submit but will need more time to develop or finalize the abstract content (abstract body and title of the presentation).  NOTE: Both steps need to be completed prior to the abstract submission deadline.

  • Step 1 – Use the Abstract Submission Step 1 Form to first submit full co-authors information. Indicate on the form that you plan to use the Two-Step process.
  • Step 2 – Use the Abstract Submission Step 2 Form to later submit the abstract content, including the presentation title and abstract body. Have the confirmation email from Step 1 available for reference (the co-authors names and emails you submitted in Step 1 will be needed in Step 2).

Presentation Procedures

Presentation Materials submission deadlines:

Poster Presentations

  • PowerPoint Poster File: due by Thursday, November 5
  • PowerPoint Presentation File: due by Wednesday, November 11

Oral Presentations

  • PowerPoint Presentation File: due by Tuesday, November 10

See Event Procedures for more details regarding event and presentation procedures and the submission of presentation materials.  All presentation materials should be submitted through the Presentation Materials Submission Form.


Presentation Resources

Presentation Resources and Tips

If you have never presented an oral or poster presentation, or would like a refresher or to sharpen your presentation skills, or would like to know the adjustments for virtual poster presentations, the below linked presentation resources and tips will be helpful in preparing your presentations.



For questions, please use the Ask MSRD form.