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Congratulations to the nominees for the 2022 “Attending Physician of the Year” Award

April 25, 2022 | Danielle Hill

In celebration of “National Doctors Day,” we would like to congratulate all the nominees for this year's “Attending Physician of the Year” award. Medical staff members, residents, and fellows voted on this honor awarded to faculty that consistently model patient-centered, high quality, and safe care while demonstrating a strong commitment to the mission and values of UMMC.


2022 Anesthesiology Faculty nominated:

  • Dr. Shobana Bharadwaj: “Excellent teacher, physician, and leader."
  • Dr. Stephanie Kahntroff: “Stephanie is the whole package - a dedicated educator, outstanding clinician, and capable leader, showing exceptional ability to navigate the high stakes/high tension realm of peds cardiac surgery.”
  • Dr. Bhavani Kodali“A talented teacher, clinician, and leader.”
  • Dr. Robert Noorani“Definition of a team player. A vast wealth of knowledge."
  • Dr. Patrick Odonker: “Unflusterable despite taking care of incredibly sick patients, an excellent clinician, and an absolute gem of a partner.”
  • Dr. Mathew Tulis: “He’s an outstanding colleague.”
  • Dr. Elizabeth Cox-Williams: “Patient-centered care, compassion.”



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