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Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

Primary Faculty

Alexander, Janet L , M.D., Assistant Professor
Bernstein, Steven L , M.D., Ph.D., Professor
Carney, Marcia , M.D., Associate Professor
Collins, Mary L , M.D., Clinical Assistant Professor
Duncan, George W , M.D., Clinical Assistant Professor
Flower, Robert W , Ph.D., B.A., Associate Professor (Non-Adjunct Faculty)
Friedel, Samuel D , M.D., Clinical Associate Professor
Grumbine, F. Lawson , M.D., Assistant Professor
Hemady, Ramzi K , M.D., Clinical Associate Professor
Im, Lily T , M.D., Clinical Assistant Professor
Jeng, Bennie H , M.D., Professor
Jensen, Allison A , M.D., Clinical Assistant Professor
Johnson, Mary A, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Kaleem, Mona , M.D., Assistant Professor
Kiani, Salma Z , O.D., Clinical Instructor
Koh, Shay-Whey M , Ph.D., Associate Professor
Levin, Moran , M.D., Assistant Professor
Margo, Jordan A , M.D., Clinical Instructor Fellow
Mathews, Michaela K , M.D., Clinical Assistant Professor
Munir, Saleha Z , O.D., Clinical Instructor
Munir, Wuqaas M , M.D., Associate Professor
Preslan, Mark W , M.D., Clinical Associate Professor
Richa, D. Chimene , M.D., Assistant Professor
Saeedi, Osamah J , M.D., Assistant Professor
Schocket, Lisa S , M.D., Associate Professor
Schocket, Stanley S , M.D., Clinical Professor
Scott, Sunni H , O.D., Assistant Professor
Shafi, Asifa , O.D., M.S., Instructor
Swamy, Ramya N , M.D., M.P.H., Assistant Professor
Toledo-Espiett, Luis A , O.D., Assistant Professor
Varma, Shambhu D, Ph.D., M.S., Professor