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Division of Vascular Surgery

Nationally recognized specialists from the University of Maryland Division of Vascular Surgery apply the latest technological advances and proven surgical principles to a broad range of vascular problems.  Our multidisciplinary approach uses the enormous talent and broad resources of an outstanding academic medical research institution to bring innovative treatments to our patients.

Vascular surgical activity has doubled in recent years, and the complexity and spectrum of surgical problems that we deal with has greatly broadened. These include deep venous thrombosis, varicose veins, blockages in arteries and complex aneurysms.

The division’s fellowship in Vascular Surgery has increased to 3 fellows per year, which makes it the largest fellowship on the East Coast.  A new postgraduate training course in vascular disease every May is the first of kind in Baltimore.  We have engaged several surgical residents in basic research in the laboratory, which was previously not present as part of the Division of Vascular Surgery.  These endeavors have resulted in a substantial increase in interest among young people in learning about vascular disease and training in vascular surgery.

New areas of research investigation include:

  • Researching the effect of blockages in the carotid artery on neurocognitive function and dementia;
  • An NIH funded clinical trial of medication to prevent growth of small aneurysms of the aorta;
  • A stem cell therapy clinical trial for patients with arterial blockages that are too far advanced for standard treatments. 

Basic science laboratory research is focused on the mechanisms by which blood clots resolve in veins as well as how the body reacts to arterial blockage by growth of new blood vessels.  We have identified several key molecules that regulate these processes and are testing these in clinically relevant animal models of disease.  Our research has been presented at National and Regional forums and has been exceedingly well received. 


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Division Chief

Rajabrata Sarkar

Rajabrata Sarkar, MD, PhD
Barbara Baur Dunlap Professor in Surgery and Chairman, Department of Surgery