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Shahab Toursavadkohi, MD

Academic Title:

Associate Professor

Primary Appointment:



UMMC, Vascular Center, S10B

Phone (Primary):




Education and Training


  • 1994-2001: Doctor of Medicine, Tehran University of Medical Sciences. Tehran, Iran


Post-Doctoral Education and Training

  • 2005-2006: Internship, General Surgery, Union Memorial Hospital, Baltimore, MD
  • 2006-2011: Resident, General Surgery, Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, MI
  • 2011-2013: Fellowship, Division of Vascular Surgery, University of Maryland Medical Center, Baltimore, MD



  • 2008-Present   Fundamental of Microsurgery
  • 2011-present   Fundamental of Laparoscopic Surgery (FLS)
  • 2013-present   Registered Physician in Vascular Interpretation (RPVI)


At the University of Maryland, I have re-organized our main campus vascular surgery practice.  At the start of my tenure all surgeons were practicing as individual surgeons; however, during my time here I have changed this practice, instead creating a team of vascular surgeons. In doing so, I have created the first national Vascular Acute Case Surgery (VACS), modeling our team approach after Acute Care Surgery (ACS).  Under my supervision and leadership, VACS became fully staffed and capable of providing year-round, seven days per week, twenty-four hours per day services for all vascular emergencies presenting to our hospital. Our organization’s successes utilizing this team approach in managing vascular emergencies have been both presented at national meetings and also published in national journals.

As the co-director of the Aortic Center, we have developed a comprehensive, regionally recognized program which addresses the most complex aortic pathologies utilizing innovative endovascular and hybrid approaches. Utilizing these approaches has allowed me to collaborate with other surgeons at my institution in order to perform ground-breaking ascending aorta and aortic arch repairs on patients presenting with Type A aortic dissections or aortic aneurysms, whom were deemed unfit for an open cardiac repair. Our clinical experiences of these cases have been presented in two international meetings: Society of Thoracic Surgery (STS) and Society of Clinical Vascular Surgery (SCVS).

Since 2017, I have spearheaded the incorporation of the fenestrated and complex endovascular repair of thoracoabdominal and juxta-renal aortic aneurysm within our hospital. Performing these procedures has led to reduced morbidity, enhanced outcomes and increased our clinical volume and complexity to the point that UMMC has the largest market share within this domain.

Within the upcoming weeks I intend to launch our Branch Endograft Program at the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC). This will allow us to treat patients with aortic aneurysms involving the visceral branch vessels using the Thoracoabdominal Branch Endoprosthesis (TAMBE) device. We will not only be the first site within the state of Maryland to use this device, but also, we will be the first site on the entire eastern coast of the United States utilizing the TAMBE device in order to repair patients with complex aortic disease.

Additional Publication Citations

Peer-reviewed journal articles

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Web based journal articles

  1. VSCORE Module “Non-atherosclerosis renal artery disease”. 01/31/2019.
  2. Up-to-date review articles on "Thoracic Aortic Challenges" for Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, a peer-reviewed journal indexed in Excerpta Medica (EMBASE) and Science Citation Index Expanded (SciSearch). (2019)


Abstracts and/or Proceedings

  1. Farhat-Sabet, A. Aicher, B. Tolaymat, B. Coca-Soliza, V. Nagarsheth, K. Ucuzian, A. Lubek, J. Toursavadkohi, S. An Alternative Approach to Carotid Endarterectomy in the High Carotid Bifurcation. Annals of Vascular Surgery, Accepted on June 2019
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Major Invited Speeches

Local and Regional

  1. Shahab Toursavadkohi MD, Acute lower extremity arterial occlusive disease, Annual Vascular Surgery Symposium, May 2015 – UMMC
  2. Shahab Toursavadkohi MD, Management of infected lower extremity grafts, Annual Vascular Surgery Symposium, May 2016 – UMMC
  3. Shahab Toursavadkohi MD, Recanalization of occluded aortoiliac disease, Annual Vascular Surgery Symposium, May 2017 – UMMC
  4. Shahab Toursavadkohi MD, Current surgical treatment of Acute Massive and Submassive Pulmonary Embolism. Sep 2017 Annual teaching lectures Department of Cardiology – UMMC
  5. Shahab Toursavadkohi MD, Surgical treatment of Acute Aortic Syndrome. Oct 2017 Annual teaching lectures Department of Cardiology – UMMC
  6. Shahab Toursavadkohi MD, Modern management of Acute Pulmonary embolism Annual Vascular Surgery Symposium May 2018 – UMMC
  7. Shahab Toursavadkohi MD, Surgical treatment of Limb Ischemia. May 2019 Annual teaching lectures Department of Cardiology – UMMC
  8. Shahab Toursavadkohi MD, Acute Aortic Dissection, Annual Vascular Surgery Symposium May 2019 – UMMC


  1. Toursavadkohi S, Rubinfield I, Shepard A. Lower Extremity Microembolism in Open vs. Endovascular Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair. Oral presentation at Midwestern Vascular Society and received Emeric Szilagy Award for the best clinical research in 2010, Chicago IL
  2. Shahab Toursavadkohi MD, Modern Management of Ruptured Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm, American College of Surgeons, 2016 annual meeting in Washington D.C.
  3. Richa Kalsi, Toursavadkohi S, Acute Limb Ischemia after Aortic reconstruction, 2017, Midwestern Vascular Society, Chicago IL
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  5. Shahab Toursavadkohi MD, Acute Limb Ischemia, Northwestern University Vascular Surgery Symposium Dec 2017 – Chicago IL
  6. Management of complex arterial and venous ulcers. Society of Vascular Nursing (SVN0 Annual Conference: Simulation Session- Washington DC 2019

Research Interests

Clinical Research Experience

  • Co-Investigator, ULCER Study: Examining the Use of Viable Human Mesenchymal Matrix in Patients with Chronic Venous Ulcer Disease. Sponsored by MiMedex 2014-2016
  • Co-Investigator, EUCLID: Examining the Use of Ticagrelor in Patients with Established Peripheral Arterial Disease. International, multi-site study founded by AstraZeneca, 2015-2018
  • Co-Investigator, N-TA3CT: Treatment of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm a placebo-controlled, double-blind, randomized clinical trial of doxycycline for the reduction of growth of small abdominal aortic aneurysm, 2016-2018
  • Co-Investigator, TBE trial: a multicenter investigation of branched endovascular thoracic aortic repair using a unique retrograde perfusion to the targeted brachiocephalic artery, 2017-present
  • Co-Investigator ARISE trial: a multicenter, pivotal investigation of an endovascular ascending aortic device using an adjustable, angulating, endograft, 2019-present
  • Institutional Primary Investigator (PI), LEOPARD trial, a multicenter endovascular aortic repair investigation, 2016-2019
  • Institutional Primary Investigator of CREST-2 trial at Baltimore VA Medical Center, 2017-present
  • Primary Investigator (PI), RELAY-Pro trial, a multicenter endovascular thoracic aortic repair investigation, 2018-present
  • Primary Investigator (PI), TAMBE Trial, a multicenter endovascular multibranch thoracoabdominal aortic repair investigation, 2019-present

Awards and Affiliations

Honors and Awards

  • 2001: Certificate of Honor for 3rd position in Basic Medical Sciences comprehensive exam held among all medical schools, Iran
  • 2006: Highest ABSITE score among hospital residents, Union Memorial Hospital, Baltimore, MD
  • 2007-2010: Highest ABSITE score, every year, among hospital residents, Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, MI
  • 2010: Emerick Szilagyi Award for best clinical research in vascular surgery, Midwestern Vascular Society, Indianapolis, IN
  • 2015: Annual Teaching Award for surgery residency program, UMMC
  • 2017: Annual Teaching Award for surgery residency program, UMMC
  • 2019: Annual Teaching Award for surgery residency program, UMMC


Professional Society Memberships

  •  2011-present: Member of American College of Surgeons (ACS)
  • 2014-present: Member of Society of Vascular Surgery (SVS)
  • 2017-present: Member of Eastern Vascular Surgery (EVS)


Institutional Service

  • 2013-present: Director, Medical Students rotation on Vascular Surgery, UMMC
  • 2016-present: Quality Improvement (QI) Officer of Vascular Surgery, UMMC
  • 2016-2018: Director of Vascular Acute Care Surgery (VACS), UMMC
  • 2017-present: Director of Annual Vascular Surgery Symposium, UMMC
  • 2017-present: Co-Director of Aortic Center, University of Maryland Medical Center
  • 2019-present: Associate Program Director, UMMC site-Vascular Surgery Fellowship Program


National Service

  • 2016-present: Editorial Board Member, Frontier Journal
  • 2016-present: Editorial Board Member, Annals of Vascular Surgery
  • 2017-present: Editorial Board Member, Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery