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Creating or Updating an Online Faculty Profile

Thank you for taking the time to create or update your faculty profile. If you wish to delegate profile editing to someone on your staff, please click here.

If you have already created a profile and need to update the content, please click here.

At a minimum, your new profile should include:

  • Your educational background
  • Your biosketch
  • Key words about your research interests and/or clinical interests
  • Three to five publication citations to highlight, if applicable.

Please take a moment to review the editable fields, before proceeding.

To see an example of a new profile, please click here.

Faculty Portraits

If you have an official faculty portrait that meets standards, it should appear automatically on your profile. Click here to obtain an official faculty portrait.

How to Create Your New Faculty Profile

Before you Start: Organize and Prepare your Content

Organize your new profile content in a Word document. You may wish to copy relevant content from the profile on the old website. To view your previous profile, please click here. You must be on campus to view the old profiles.

View the Training Video:

Login to Terminal Four

To edit your profile, login to: sitemanager.umaryland.eduWhen you have completed your profile, please inform the Dean by clicking here.


Step 1: Logging In

Login to your new profile in the new web content management system (TERMINALFOUR)

Open a web browser and GO TO:  (Please use Firefox or Chrome)

To login, enter your UMID username and password.

Step 2: Adding Content

Enter your Profile information into the web content management system

Click on your Name:


Click on the Content Tab:


Hover over the yellow arrow to the right of your name and select Modify:

Enter or paste your profile information in the appropriate fields.


When you have finished entering content, select Preview from the dropdown menu at the top or bottom of the page and review your Profile.

When you are satisfied, hover over the down arrow next to the red Update button and select Update & Approve from the dropdown menu. DO NOT Select Publish Now. Profiles will be automatically published every half hour.

Your changes will be published automatically every half hour.

Step 3: Notify the Dean

When you have completed your profile, please inform the Dean by completing this short form

Final Step

When you have completed your profile, please inform the Dean by clicking here.

Helpful Information:

  • If you don't see your profile after logging in, please let us know by completing this form.
  • The short video above contains step-by-step instructions on how to update your profile.
  • Remember to click "Update and Approve" after updating your profile. This saves and publishes your changes.
  • Changes approved in TerminalFour are published to the live website every 30 minutes so don't worry if your updates don't show up immediately.
  • Don't forget you can delegate profile editing to someone on your staff by completing this form.
  • There are new specifications for faculty portraits. If you had a photo on your old faculty profile page that's not appearing on your new profile page, it may be because the older photo does not meet the new requirements. Click here for more information on faculty profiles. If you are unsure as to why your profile is not appearing on the new page, please contact Andy Goldberg.

Questions or Concerns

Please contact Andy Goldberg by email or phone: 410-706-4280.