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Renal Vascular Physiology and Hypertension Lab

The general focus of the laboratory has been the role of the renal medullary microcirculation in normal physiology and the pathophysiology of hypertension.

A first line of investigation concerns the nature of microvascular transport as related to the countercurrent exchange that preserves high concentrations of sodium chloride and urea to facilitate urinary concentration.  Those efforts have defined the transport characteristics of the blood vessel (vasa recta) walls with respect to small solutes, water and macromolecules.  More recently, we have focused on cell to cell interactions in the vessel wall.  The endothelial layer of descending vasa recta was found to be an electrical syncytium that can transport large molecules between cells through communication channels called connexins.

A second area of emphasis has been the control of vasoactivity of descending vasa recta.  These vessels provide all blood flow to the kidney medulla, are 12 to 20 microns in diameter and are vasoactive; they constrict and dilate in response to various influences.  We have utilized imaging and electrophysiological methods to investigate membrane potential as a regulator of calcium entry as well as the the ion channel architecture that controls it.  We have studied the role of reactive oxygen species and oxidative stress in the regulation of vasoactivity in both health and hypertension.

A third area of investigation control of renal medullary perfusion and renal microvessel function by cardiac glycosides such as ouabain.  That topic has been pursued in collaboration with investigators in the Department of Physiology, headed by Dr. Mordecai Blaustein. Learn more about Dr. Blaustein's research.

Our investigations have shown that ouabain modulates Ca2+ signaling and nitric oxide generation by the endothelium.  We have found that chronic ouabain elevation induces hypertension and leads to diminution of vasa recta endothelial nitric oxide generation.

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Lab Director


Thomas L. Pallone, MD