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Maryland PKD Research and Translational Core Center

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Center Contacts

Director: Terry Watnick, MD
Co-Director: Paul Welling, MD

  ■ Karleen Schuhart
  ■ Stacey Bridges Turner


The Maryland Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) Research and Translation Core Center (MPKD-RTCC), funded by NIDDK (U54DK126114), is founded on a tradition of innovative PKD Research.

MPKD-RTCC investigators have made seminal discoveries that have informed our understanding of PKD pathogenesis, and they have advanced clinical care for patients with cystic kidney disease.

Accelerating Discovery in PKD

The MPKD-RTCC works with two other RTCCs at the University of Kansas and the University of Alabama, Birmingham to form the Polycystic Kidney Disease Research Resource Consortium (PKD RRC). The goal of the PKD RRC is to develop and share investigative resources, reagents and expertise with the broader research community to accelerate innovation and discovery in the field of polycystic kidney disease.

Biomedical Cores

The MPKD-RTCC consists of four integrated biomedical research cores that provide an essential “toolbox” of reagents and expertise tailored specifically to PKD research. Each core addresses a critical need in the PKD research pipeline, stretching from basic to clinical investigation.

UMSOM LogoSummer Student Programs

The Center offers educational enrichment programs that strive to encourage critical thought which will yield creative approaches to research questions related to cystic kidney diseases.

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UMSOM LogoPilot and Feasibility Grant Program

The Pilot and Feasibility Program can support up to three new projects per year. In selecting projects preference is given to innovative lines of inquiry, junior investigators, and new investigators in the PKD field.

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For Patients

The University of Maryland Medical Center and the Division of Nephrology provide multidisciplinary care for patients with PKD. For appointments, call Karleen Schuhart at (410) 706-3455.