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Curriculum - First Year

The bulk of the first academic year is comprised of course work. Core courses include Human Genetics (HGEN 601, HGEN 602), Clinical Genetics (HGEN 728, 731), Genetic Counseling (HGEN 620, 621), and Clinical Cancer Genetics (HGEN 760). Research for Genetics Students (HGEN 703) is a year-long course taken in the first year.  Students also participate in various support group activities in addition to volunteering at a camp for people with genetic conditions in Working with Support Groups (HGEN 611).

Rotations through the cytogenetic, prenatal screening (AFP), and biochemical genetics laboratories of the University of Maryland Medical System (HGEN 718) are conducted during the first academic year. Students also complete laboratory rotations at a number of academic and commercial laboratories throughout the Baltimore/Washington DC metropolitan area during their first year. Additionally, first year students complete a number of observational rotations  in disease specific clinics as well as in prenatal and cancer genetic counseling clinics. Each of these rotations is scheduled for the student by the MGC faculty.

First Year Schedule At a Glance