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After Program Completion

Job Placement

Upon graduation, MGC alumni work across more than 24 states and the District of Columbia in a variety of clinical, laboratory, research, policy, academic and industry-based positions. They are highly trained and ready to enter the workforce with ease. Approximately half of all graduates elect to stay in the greater Baltimore Washington metropolitan area.

Greater than ninety-six percent of graduates of the MGC Program are employed in a genetic counseling position following graduation (some alumni elect to take some time off to travel, spend time with family, and study for the ABGC exam following graduation). MGC Alumni also serve in a variety of regional, state and national positions of leadership within NSGC, ACGC, and ABGC as well as other organizations.

American Board of Genetic Counseling Certification Exam

The MGC Program has greater than a 90% first time test taker pass rate for the ABGC exam over the last three years.

MGC Program Attrition

Greater than 87.5% of students who matriculate into the MGC Program graduate within two years.