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UMB Action/Reason Codes for ePAFs and EAFs

UMB Job Codes and Academic Rank Codes

Deadlines and Schedules

HR Processing Schedule January 2024-June 2024

Onboarding Schedule- Calendar Year 2024

OAA Deadlines December 2023-June 2024

2024 UMB Holiday Scheule (UMB Employees ONLY)


HR Partner's Handbook for Staff HR Compensation Planning


Payroll FAQs

What is the role within the Office of Academic Administration regarding the Payroll for Faculty, Post Doc and Research Fellows?

To support the departments within the SOM which administer all actions related to the payroll processing of faculty and fellows at the School of Medicine. To verify accuracy and ensure appropriate supporting documentation for all payroll actions.

How can the department payroll representative ensure their faculty, post-docs, and research fellows are paid correctly?

Payroll representatives should process all paperwork in a timely manner once appointment, promotion or salary approvals have been received. They should also monitor HRMS, their cost center reports and payroll registers to ensure new employees are getting paid on time and correctly.

When should I notify the Faculty Operations Manager in OAA upon learning of a termination, resignation, retirement or non-renewal?

As soon as you are aware, please notify (preferably send a copy of the written notice) PRIOR to submitting an ePAF; if applicable. This is extremely important for reporting purposes.

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