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Faculty Salary Actions


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Frequently Asked Questions

Faculty Equity and Retention

Partial Leave Payout

  • Currently, the biweekly, weekly and daily pay rates are based on UMB pay, BUT the hourly rate in HRMS is based on the Total Approved Salary and not the UMB Salary. Therefore, the payout calculation should be based on the daily rate divided by 8 hours or the hourly rate multiplied by the FTE associated with the UMB salary. Please be aware of this when you determine the payout amounts and communicate them with your faculty members.
  • The hours designated under letter G on the Faculty Appointment Information Sheet (FAIS) or Faculty Appointment Renewal Information Sheet (FARIS) define the maximum hours of accrued annual leave the faculty member can be paid out. These must be consistent with your department’s policy on annual leave payout upon termination
  • When a faculty member gets a leave payout the new FAIS or FARIS needs to show the new reduced amount of eligible payout upon termination (an employee cannot get paid out a portion of leave and then be eligible again at a later time to be paid the maximum amount again)
  • Holiday leave is not to be requested as part of these payout requests.

Please contact Dave Ingle or Ms. Lisa Kummer, Faculty Operations Manager, if you have any questions.

Process for Partial Leave Payout

Veterans Administration (VA) Salary Changes

Processing of a VA Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Faculty with University and VA Appointments safeguards the University and UMSOM with respect to commitments to the VA. The Office of Academic Administration currently monitors the processing of MOUs, pays close attention to the accuracy and timeliness of each MOU and provides reports to the SOM, Senior Associate Dean and Chief Operating Officer.

Please note the following regarding VA-MOUs as some of the processing steps are new:

  • The need for the MOU is UMSOM driven and agreed to by BVAMC.
  • All FULL-TIME SOM Faculty with VA funding (eighths) are considered GFT and must complete a VA MOU.
  • The MOU needs to be redone every time there is a change in the number of VA eighths.
  • Effort percentages on the VA MOU are not necessarily the same as research effort percentages.
  • Unless otherwise known, the period covered should end at the end of the current fiscal year (FY).  *New – you can no longer leave an open-ended end date.  
  • Whenever a faculty member obtains VA eighths, a FAIS, a salary sheet, AND a VA MOU must be submitted (This is a NEW procedure). These must be completed and sent to Lisa L. Kummer via scan for processing.  NO ePAFs or paper EAFs should be submitted until the approved VA MOU and FAIS have been returned to the APT Partner.

VA MOU for Faculty with University & VA Appointments Explained

VA MOU Blank (MS Excel)