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Process for Faculty Retention Salary Increase Requests

Faculty retention requests are for faculty who are being actively recruited by other institutions or where there is compelling evidence that a preemptive action is necessary to prevent the loss of a valued faculty member. This exception to the restriction against salary increases should be used judiciously. All retention increases must be reported to the Chancellor. Faculty retention increases will be approved on a very limited basis.

Please note that it can take some time to obtain approval(s).  You will be informed as soon as it is approved.

Department emails the following documents to OAA (to Lisa Kummer, copy David Ingle)*:

  • Current FY Faculty Retention form (including second page)
  • Chair letter to Dean that should include the following:
    • AAMC salary comparison (e.g. increasing salary would bring employee into the 50th percentile of the NE region)
    • Description of value of faculty member
    • Reason for retention request (i.e. being recruited by another institution, etc…)
  • Draft letter to faculty member with proposed plan**
  • Salary sheet (not complete if any red fields)
  • Supporting documentation (offer letter, recruitment, etc.)

*State in the email whether or not there is anything else that is pending for this faculty member (administrative component increase, promotion, etc)

**The letter to the faculty member may contain items beyond salary and may be most urgent to get to the faculty member, however this letter must be reviewed/approved by Louisa Peartree/Dean and must contain contingencies of Dean and University approvals for salary increases before being released to the faculty member.   If you include this, we will get this to Louisa Peartree immediately for review.

General Process:

  • OAA reviews the request, verifies current salary records and contacts the Department with requests for edits; if applicable.
  • OAA submits the request to the Office of Resource Management (ORM - Louisa Peartree) for the Dean’s approval once revisions have been finalized
  • ORM will obtain the approvals of the Dean, Provost and President, as applicable
  • ORM emails the signed approval to the Department and copies Lisa Kummer
  • Department presents approval to the faculty member
  • Department completes ePAF reflecting change, if applicable. (attaching)
  • Approved Retention Form
  • Chair Letter
  • Salary sheet
  • Supporting documents

** Please note that increasing the TAS may change the FTE and Scheduled Hours on the UMB side without changing the salary.**