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Part-Time, Clinical-Oriented

Part-Time Clinical Oriented Appointments (Non-Tenure Track)

Clinical Professor and Clinical Associate Professor

  • If part-time, 50% FTE or greater, seek approval of recruitment from Dean’s office before advertising.
  • If part-time, 50% FTE or greater, seek approval of the Offer Letter from the Dean’s Office before letter is sent to the candidate.
  • If part-time, 50% FTE or less, check with OAA whether an offer letter is required.
  • Read through the checklist before beginning to obtain materials for this appointment and continue to use as a working guideline.
  • Be aware that all faculty appointments at these ranks may take 2 to 4 months to complete, as they need to be reviewed by the OAA, Executive Committee, School of Medicine Council, and Dean.

Clinical Assistant Professor

 Clinical Instructor