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Postdoc Orientation

At our new postdoc orientations, you will have a brief and informal introduction to the postdoc office and services offered to postdocs. Here are the dates for upcoming orientations which happen from 3:00-3:30 p.m. in Bressler Research Building Room 4-002 (directions below):

  • Monday, December 19


Postdoc Talks for a General Audience

Communication is an essential skill in any scientific career, whether you are writing a grant, teaching, answering questions of a search committee, or interviewing for a job in industry. Each month, 2 postdoctoral fellows give a short talk on their research at a level for a general audience. These talks will focus on the importance and implications of the research instead of on the technical methods and results.

All sessions take place at 3 p.m. in HSFIII Room 6020.

Thursday, December 1


Leadership Skills Workshop Series

This series will cover introductory concepts of leadership. It is recommended to take the entire series as the workshops build upon each other. All sessions will be at 12 p.m.

Tuesday, November 8 - Self Awareness: Self Awareness is key in leadership - realizing our strengths and challenges and recognizing how this impacts our interactions with teams. Based on MBTI dichotomies, learn how you can be a more effective leader!

Tuesday, November 15 - Dealing with Conflict: Conflict is inevitable - learn about your conflict style and strategies to effectively handle conflict as a leader.

Tuesday, November 22 - Team Dynamics: This active workshop will help participants understand team dynamics and team leadership.

Tuesday, November 29 - Diversity in a Multicultural Society: This workshop will examine the meaning of diversity in terms of individuals, groups, teams, and the scientific community.


Postdoc English Scientific Conversation Group

Biweekly meetings of this group bring together postdocs to read, discuss, and write about different scientific issues. Postdocs practice using their English skills to discuss how CRISPR should be ethically used, how to counter unscientific media with the general public, or what scientists can contribute to some of the conversations about ethical issues. This group can also be used to practice upcoming presentations and get feedback on these.

Careers in Science Seminar Series

We offer a Careers in Science Seminar series that showcases a wide array of career opportunities available to our students and postdoctoral fellows beyond that of an academic researcher. We draw on professionals in a variety of fields as well as alumni of our programs.

Responsible Conduct in Research Training

NIH mandates that all postdocs must receive training in responsible conduct of research. This series is one session a month from September to June.

Renee Cockerham will send out an email with a link to register each month. 

Sessions are held once a month and cover a variety of topics in research ethics.  Each session is held in Howard Hall Reid Room A at 3 p.m.

Tuesday, December 13 - Safe Research Environment Panel - Mary Kay Lobo, PhD, Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology; Bret Hassel, PhD, Department of Microbiology and Immunology; Silke Niederhaus, MD, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Professional Development, University of Maryland School of Medicine
Tuesday, January 10 - Conflict of Interest - Allan Doctor, MD, Department of Pediatrics
Tuesday, February 14 - Being a Responsible Scientist - Mimi Belcher, PhD, Department of Psychiatry
Tuesday, March 14 - Collaboration - Kristen Stafford, PhD, MPH, Department of Epidemiology and Public Health
Tuesday, April 11 - Mentoring Up - Jennifer Aumiller, MEd, Director, Pre & Postdoctoral Career Development; Director, Office of Postdoctoral Scholars
Tuesday, May 9 - Authorship and Publication
Tuesday, June 13 - Animals, Humans, and Safe Labs Panel - Matthew Fischer, MD, Environmental Health and Safety; Janna Barcelo, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee; Julie Doherty, Institutional Review Board

Directions to Reid Room A: You can enter Howard Hall through HSF1 (685 W Baltimore St), Bressler (655 W Baltimore St), or at the entrance to the building on 660 W Redwood St.  Once in Howard Hall, go to the 2nd floor. Reid Room A is in the middle of the second floor, near the lockers for the med students.