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Diabetes in Pregnancy

Woman Checking Blood SugarDiabetes in pregnancy can have major consequences if not addressed.  With uncontrolled diabetes, the chances of birth defects, as well as other health issues for both the baby and the mother, can develop. Timely and efficient management of the disease can help prevent these complications.

With our multidisciplinary team of maternal-fetal medicine experts, OBGYN doctors, endocrinologists, nursing staff, and social workers, we offer specialized and coordinated care for patients with diabetes before, during, and after pregnancy.  
We provide the following services throughout your pregnancy:

  • Weekly monitoring of sugars
  • Monitoring/assistance with prescriptions
  • Assistance with specialized devices such as continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) and insulin pumps
  • Diabetes education
  • Nutrition and lifestyle counseling
  • Coordination of care and communication with your primary OBGYN/Midwife/primary care physician with our recommendations

Meet our Diabetes Care Coordination Team Members:

  • Karl Seif, MD - Director, Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist
  • Andrea Desai, MD - Co-Director, Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist
  • Julie Hurvitz, MD - Generalist Liaison, General OBGYN
  • Geralyn O'Reilly, MD - Consultant, Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist
  • Kim Neuberger - Diabetes education and care coordination, Registered Nurse
  • Stenie Simon - Care coordination, Social Work


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