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Maternal Fetal Medicine

Supporting Patients and Their Babies Before, During and After High Risk Pregnancies

Our experienced and nationally recognized physicians in Maternal-Fetal Medicine work in conjunction with Obstetric providers and various subspecialists to care for patients who are having obstetric, medical and surgical complications during pregnancy.

Patients are treated at The University of Maryland Medical Center Center in the Advance Fetal Care Unit (CAFC), which is internationally known for its expertise in fetal care and care of the fetus and the mother. With advanced diagnostic techniques and highly skilled care we look to ensure a healthy delivery for both mother and baby. 

Dr. Irina BurdConditions We Treat

  •   Fetal Heart Conditions
  •   Prenatal Genetic Counseling
  •   Complex Obstetric Surgery
  •   Critical Care Obstetrics
  •   Hypertensive Diseases of Pregnancy
  •   Multiple Gestation
  •   Congenital Anomalies
  •   Fetal Therapy

Meet Our Team 

Maternal-Fetal Physicians

Genetic Counselors