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Katherine R. Goetzinger, MD, MSCI

Academic Title:

Associate Professor

Primary Appointment:

Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences

Additional Title:

Program Director, Maternal Fetal Medicine Fellowship Director, Perinatal Outreach


22 South Greene Street

Phone (Primary):




Education and Training

Undergraduate:  The Catholic University of America

Bachelor of Science, 2002

Summa cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa

Medical School:   University of Maryland School of Medicine

Doctor of Medicine, 2006

Summa cum Laude, Alpha Omega Alpha

Residency:  Barnes Jewish Hospital/Washington University in St. Louis

Obstetrics & Gynecology, 2006-2010

Fellowship:  Washington University in St. Louis

Maternal Fetal Medicine, 2010-2013

Post-Graduate Education:  Washington University School of Medicine

Master of Science in Clinical Investigation, 2012


Dr. Goetzinger is an associate professor in the department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences.  She received her medical degree from University of Maryland School of Medicine and completed her residency in Obstetrics & Gynecology at Washington University in St. Louis.  She then went on to complete a fellowship in Maternal Fetal Medicine at Washington University in St. Louis during which time she also received a Master of Science degree in Clinical Investigation.  Dr. Goetzinger joined the faculty of the University of Maryland School of Medicine in 2015 and currently serves as the director of perinatal outreach.  In 2021, she also took on the role of Program Director for the Maternal Fetal Medicine fellowship.  Dr. Goetzinger’s clinical interests include antenatal care of the high risk obstetric patient, prenatal ultrasound and fetal diagnosis and complex intrapartum management.  Dr. Goetzinger also coordinates the Perinatal Telemedicine program, providing remote high risk consultative services to patients across the state of Maryland who otherwise may not have access to the appropriate level of antenatal care.  Her clinical research focus has been on the use of sonographic markers to predict placental dysfunction and subsequent adverse pregnancy outcomes as well as the use of three-dimensional brain blood flow patterns to predict obstetric and neonatal outcomes in growth-restricted fetuses.  Dr. Goetzinger is a member of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine and the International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology.  She serves as a reviewer for multiple journals and is one of the editors for Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology.  Dr. Goetzinger is actively engaged in medical education at all levels of training, with a focus on the incorporation of epidemiologic principles and evidence-based medicine into clinical practice.

Research/Clinical Keywords

High risk obstetrics, prenatal diagnosis, fetal anomalies, fetal growth restriction, adverse pregnancy outcome, placental dysfunction, three-dimensional ultrasound, graduate medical education

Highlighted Publications

Goetzinger KR, Shanks AL, Odibo AO, Macones GA, Cahill AG.  Advanced maternal age and the risk of major congenital anomalies.  Am J Perinatol 2016 Jul 11 {Epub ahead of print}.

Contag S, Brown C, Crimmins S, Goetzinger K.  Influence of birthweight on the prospective stillbirth risk in the third trimester: a cross-sectional cohort study.  AJP Rep 2016; 6(3); e287-98.

Goetzinger KR, Tuuli MG, Cahill AG, Macones GA, Odibo AO.  Development and validation of a risk factor scoring system for first-trimester prediction of pre-eclampsia.  Am J Perinatol 2014; 31(12): 1049-56.

Goetzinger KR, Tuuli MG, Longman RE, Huster KM, Odibo AO, Cahill AG.  Sonographic predictors of postnatal bowel atresia in fetal gastroschisis.  Ultrasound Obstet Gynecol 2014; 43: 420-5.

Goetzinger KR, Cahill AG, Macones GA, Odibo AO.  Echogenic bowel on second-trimester ultrasonography:  Evaluating the risk of adverse pregnancy outcome.  Obstet Gynecol 2011; 117(6):  1341-8.

Additional Publication Citations

Yao R, Goetzinger KR, Crimmins SD, Kopelman JN, Contag SA.  Association of maternal obesity with maternal and neonatal outcomes in cases of uterine rupture.  Obstet Gynecol, (In Press).

Contag S, Brown C, Kopelman J, Goetzinger K.  Third trimester perinatal mortality associated with immediate delivery versus expectant management according to birthweight category.  J Matern Fetal Neonatal Med 2016; Sep 1: 1-8 {Epub ahead of print}
Fleischer J, Shenoy A, Goetzinger K, Cottrell CE, Baldridge D, White FV, Shinawi M.  Digynic triploidy: utility and challenges of noninvasive prenatal testing. Clin Case Rep 2015; 3(6): 406-10.

Carter EB, Goetzinger K, Tuuli MG, Odibo L, Cahill AG, Macones GA, Odibo AO.  Evaluating the optimal definition of abnormal first-trimester uterine artery Doppler parameters to predict adverse pregnancy outcomes. J Ultrasound Med 2015; 34(7):  1265-69.1.      

Hannaford KE, Tuuli M, Goetzinger KR, Odibo L, Cahill AG, Macones G, Odibo O.  First trimester 3-dimensional power Doppler placental vascularization indices from the whole placenta versus the placental bed to predict preeclampsia:  does pregnancy-associated plasma protein A or uterine artery Doppler sonography help?  J Ultrasound Med 2015; 34(6): 965-70.

Carter EB, Bishop KC, Goetzinger KR, Tuuli MG, Cahill AG.  The impact of chorionicity on maternal pregnancy outcomes.  Am J Obstet Gynecol 2015; 213(3):  390e1-7.

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Harper LM, Goetzinger KR, Biggio JR, Macones GA.  Timing of delivery in gastroschisis:  a decision and cost-effectiveness analysis.  Ultrasound Obstet Gynecol 2015; 46(12):  227-32.

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Odibo AO, Rada CC, Cahill AG, Goetzinger KR, Tuuli MG, Odibo L, Macones GA, England SK.  First-trimester serum soluble fms-like tyrosine kinase-1, free vascular endothelial growth factor, placental growth factor and uterine artery Doppler in preeclampsia.  J Perinatol 2013; 33(9):  670-4.

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Awards and Affiliations

2012 - New Investigator Award - Clinical Ultrasound, American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine

2006 - Faculty Gold Medal for Oustanding Qualification in the Practice of Medicine, University of Maryland School of Medicine

2001 - Barry M Goldwater National Scholar

1999 - Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research Fellowship

Grants and Contracts

2011-2012       Principal Investigator, “Three-Dimensional Power Doppler in the Evaluation of Intrauterine Growth Restriction”, American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Kenneth Gottesfeld-Charles Hohler Memorial Foundation Research Award in Ultrasound

2011-2013       Principal Investigator, “First-Trimester Markers of Placental Dysfunction in the Prediction of Adverse Pregnancy Outcome”, NIH Loan Repayment Program