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University of Maryland Fetal Heart Program

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The Fetal Heart Program at the University of Maryland Medical Center is made up of a team of healthcare providers who provide detailed evaluation, counseling and treatment for fetal heart problems that may occur during pregnancy.

Heart problems in the developing baby may involve abnormal formation of the heart (congenital heart disease) or abnormal heart rhythms (arrhythmias). Sometimes, genetic disorders or chromosome conditions in the baby can lead to heart problems.

Other times, health conditions in a mother, medications and other exposures may cause heart problems in the baby. In many cases, we do not know why the heart forms abnormally.

Care Path Graph: diagnosis - prognosis - personalized prenatal care plan - optimized delivery plan through multidisciplinary teamOur Goals

  1. Diagnose congenital heart defects as early and as accurately as possible during the pregnancy
  2. Ensure that families receive the highest quality care during pregnancy and as a result to improve outcomes after birth
  3. Coordinate care across the team
  4. Support the parents and family of infants with a diagnosis of heart disease