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Patient Stories

Feren Taylor's Story:

I found out about my daughter’s CHD diagnosis five months into my pregnancy. I was in disbelief because I had never heard of congenital heart defects. The feeling of thinking “have I done something wrong” or “will my baby be okay” is a constant thought in the mind of a mom expecting a child who’s born with a uniquely formed heart. Shortly after my diagnosis I was referred to the center for advanced fetal care at the University of Maryland medical center. I had frequent visit throughout my pregnancy to monitor my daughter’s growth and development. I met Dr. Shifa Turan M.D she was very patient and understanding during my journey as well as other medical staff. The experience was freighting but I felt a sense of comfort each time I was able to see my little angel kicking and moving via ultrasound.

Today my daughter Faith, is a busy body 3 year old living without limitations. After becoming comfortable with my daughter’s CHD I started a Non-profit foundation to promote HOPE after the diagnosis, spread CHD awareness and support families caring for children with congenital heart defects. I believe in being connected by the heart. During my journey I had the support of my family, friends and an Amazing medial staff at the University of Maryland Medical Center, but I was missing a very important piece which is another heart mom that would understand exactly how I was feeling. My foundation A Heart’s Journey has a vision based on connecting to other Heart moms, dads and families to be supportive through our Heart Journeys. Please visit our website to become connected by the heart.

~ Feren Taylor  


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