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James Kaper, PhD

James Kaper, PhD  

The department has a distinguished history of contributions to understanding bacterial physiology and genetics as well as developing vaccines against bacterial diseases. Several departmental faculty are also members of the Institute for Genome Sciences (IGS), the  Center for Vaccine Development and Global Health (CVD), and the Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology (IMET) with overlapping interests in a variety of bacteriology topics, included below:

Antibiotic Resistance: Hazen, Chatterjee

Biology & Pathogenesis: Azad, Barry, Carbonetti, Chatterjee, Ernst, Kaper, Johnson, Scanlon, SkerryTennant

Commensal Microbiomes: Fraser, Ravel

Extremophilic & Archaeal Prokaryotes: DasSarma, Robb

Genetics / Genomics: Carneiro da Silva, Dunning Hotopp, Gillespie, Fraser,  Gillespie, Hazen,  Holm, Kaper, Ma, Rahman, Rasko, Tettelin

Host-pathogen Interactions: Azad, BarryCarbonetti, Ernst,  Pedra, Scanlon, Shirey, SkerryTennant

Vaccine Development: Barry, Kaper, Ernst, Levine, Pasetti, Tennant, Sztein

Vector Biology: Azad, Gillespie, Pedra