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Challenge! - Publications

Black, M. M., Arteaga, S. S., Sanders, J., Hager, E. R., Anliker, J. A., Gittelsohn, J., & Wang, Y. College mentors: A View From the Inside of an Intervention to Promote Health Behaviors and Prevent Obesity Among Low-Income, Urban, African American Adolescents.Journal of Health Promotion Practice,(2010, December 29); 1-7. doi:DOI: 10.1177/1524839910385899

Black, M. M., Hager, E. R., Le, K., Anliker, J., Arteaga, S., DiClemente, C., & Gittelsohn, J.Challenge! Health Promotion/Obesity Prevention Mentorship Model Among Urban, Black Adolescents. Journal of Pediatrics,(2010, August);126(2), 280-288.

 Snitker S, Le KY, Hager E, Caballero B, Black MM. Influence of Physical Activity and Body Composition on Glucose Homeostasis in a Community Sample of Adolescents. Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine. 2007 July; 161: 677-683.

Mitola AL, Papas MA, Le K, Fusillo L, Black MM. Agreement with satisfaction in adolescent body size between female caregivers and teens from a low-income African-American community J Pediatr Psychol. 2007 Jan-Feb; 32(1): 42-51.