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Maryland Wellness Policies and Practices Project

About Us

Maryland School Wellness Partnership LogoThe mission of the Maryland Wellness Policies and Practices Project (MWPPP) is to enhance opportunities for healthy eating and physical activity for Maryland students by helping schools and school systems create and implement comprehensive written wellness policies.

The MWPPP uses a continuous quality improvement model to enhance wellness policy implementation in schools throughout Maryland. The MWPP team uses the data from the biennial evaluation to develop and distribute county and state-level data reports. Thes reports outline system-level data and tailored evidence-based recommendations.


  • To evaluate the quality, strength, and comprehensiveness of written wellness policies
  • To evaluate the implementation of wellness policies at the school and system-level
  • To provide tailored technical assistance to schools and school systems to support wellness policy implementation
  • To evaluate the impact of wellness policy implementation on health and academic outcomes


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Tools & Resources

MWPP Data Reports


Making Wellness Work: A Guide to Implementing and Monitoring Wellness Policies in Maryland, January 2009

Making Wellness Work: One School at a Time, A Guide for School-Level Implementation of Wellness Policies and Strategies, May 2014



The MWPP is a statewide initiative by the Maryland School Wellness Partnership and includes the:

  •  University of Maryland School of Medicine
  •  Maryland State Department of Education
  •  Maryland Department of Health
  •  University of Maryland Extension



2017 MWPPP School Survey

2017 MWPPP School Survey

Project Coordinator

Jasmia Shropshire
Project Coordinator
University of Maryland, School of Medicine

The Team

Erin Hager, Ph. D
Principal Investigator
University of Maryland, School of Medicine

Volunteer Opportunities

Why Volunteer

Reasons to Volunteer or Intern:

  • Be involved in cutting edge research
  • Strengthen your resume
  • Publication opportunities
  • Improve your interpersonal skills
  • Gain an understanding of how to conduct community research
  • Potentially earn credits for school
  • It's fun!

Volunteer Duties

The types of duties an internship might entail:

  • Recruiting participants
  • Scheduling interviews, making appointments, and contacting participants
  • Helping facilitate parent groups on topics pertaining to nutrition, physical activity, parenting skills, and child safety
  • Conducting participant interviews
  • Classroom set up
  • Collecting data
  • Filing and other office duties
  • Data entry and analysis


If you'd like to apply for an internship or volunteer position, please email Delara Aharpour.

If interested internship positions, please send resume or CV to:   

Delara Aharpour
Maryland Wellness Policies and Practices Project, Project Coordinator
University of Maryland, School of Medicine
Department of Pediatrics
737 West Lombard Street
Baltimore, MD 21201