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About Us

The Growth and Nutrition Practice is a family-centered outpatient practice that provides evaluations and interventions for young children (most under 4 years) who are experiencing growth and/or feeding difficulties. The interdisciplinary practice is staffed by a pediatrician, pediatric psychologist, and dietitian, with additional specialist referrals as necessary. During the initial visit each child receives a comprehensive evaluation, including a video-recorded mealtime interaction. Referring physicians receive a comprehensive report of findings and recommendations following each visit.    

Established in 1989, the Growth and Nutrition Practice is a statewide resource that has treated more than 1,000 children. Our staff specialize in treating children whose growth and feeding problems have resulted from medical, nutritional, psychological, familial, or environmental causes. 

The Growth and Nutrition Practice’s mission is to treat feeding difficulties, improve children's growth patterns, meet the individual needs of each family, and promote healthy eating habits early in life. 


Tips for Mealtime Success 


University of Maryland Women's Health Western-Penn Center
120 Penn Street
Baltimore, MD 21201

Project Coordinator

Takyera Robinson
Project Coordinator 
University of Maryland, School of Medicine
410.706.4140 Phone
410.706.5090 Fax

Team Members

Team Members

Maureen Black, Ph.D
Principal Investigator

Susan Feigelman, MD

Pamela Cureton, RD, LDN
Pediatric Dietitian


Black, M. M., Tilton, N., Bento, S., Cureton, P., & Feigelman, S. (2016). Recovery in Young Children with Weight Faltering: Child and Household Risk FactorsThe Journal of Pediatrics170, 301–306.