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Promotion Process

Each year, usually in late Winter, the Chair of the Department’s APT Committee invites faculty members interested in becoming a candidate for promotion in the following academic year to provide their CV to both the Department and the Committee Chairs. Therefore, the process begins approximately 16-18 months before the desired promotion. After receiving the CV, the Department Chair will then meet with the faculty member.

To make the evaluation process transparent, the Department has created a list (see below) of minimal criteria that would describe an individual who would garner endorsement from the Department Chair and the Departmental APT Committee. Only after a formal request from the Chair will the Departmental APT Committee evaluate the candidate for promotion. The Committee evaluation will be sent directly to the Chair. Done in early Spring, the evaluation is an endorsement for the candidate and the Department to proceed with preparation of the promotion packet.

With the nomination by the Chair and the endorsement of the Departmental APT Committee, the candidate for promotion will next meet with the Vice-Chair for Faculty Development and the Anesthesiology Faculty Coordinator to plan a schedule leading to the required date for submission of the promotion packet to the SOM, now only 6-8 months away. Time is needed to refine the candidates CV, construct a teaching (and, if applicable, a clinical) portfolio and request/receive the required internal and external (including independent) letters of recommendation. A final (and mandated by the SOM as the official) vote to promote occurs only after the promotion packet is complete (in this example, September or October 2019). The final packet is submitted to the Dean. The nomination/packet is forwarded to the SOM APT Committee. Over a period of six months, SOM APT Committee reviews and votes on the promotion. 

Please see details below regarding the promotion process: