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Clinical Curriculum

Fellows gain proficiency in and exposure to the perioperative evaluation and intraoperative management of cardiac surgical patients including:

  • elective and emergency revascularization procedures
  • complex valve repairs and replacements including a high volume of endocarditis cases
  • pericardial procedures
  • neoplastic procedures
  • heart and lung transplants and combined procedures
  • thoracic aortic surgery including ascending, transverse and descending aortic surgery with and without circulatory arrest
  • thoracic endovascular aortic repair
  • ventricular assist device implantation
  • minimally invasive cardiac surgery including MitraClip, TAVR, and repair of congenital defects including: ASDs, anomalous pulmonary veins, etc.
  • robotic CABGs
  • pulmonary embolectomies and thromboendarterectomies

In addition, fellows will gain experience with thoracic surgery including:

  • thoracoscopic and open lung resections
  • bronchopulmonary lavage
  • bronchoscopy and related procedures
  • radical pleurectomy for mesothelioma
  • esophageal surgery and resection
  • robotic lung resection