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Investiture Ceremonies

(Displayed chronologically by date, earliest to most recent)

Jonathan Bromberg, MD, PhD

Charles Reid Edwards, MD Professor of Surgery

Jonathan Bromberg, MD, PhD

Investiture Ceremony: March 9, 2022

Bradley Taylor, MD

Dr. Joseph S. and Irene P. McLaughlin Professor of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery

Bradley S. Taylor, MD, MPH

Investiture Ceremony: January 19, 2022

Alexander Krupnick

Peter Angelos Distinguished Professor of Surgery

Alexander S. Krupnick, MD

Investiture Ceremony: November 18, 2021

Michael J. Naslund, MD

John D. Young Jr. Professor of Urology

Michael J. Naslund, MD

Investiture Ceremony: October 29, 2020

Christine Lau, MD, MBA

Dr. Robert W. Buxton Chair of Surgery

Christine L. Lau, MD, MBA

Investiture Ceremony: June 17, 2020