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Endowed Professorships

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One of the most valuable means of recruiting, retaining and rewarding exceptional faculty is through endowed chairs and professorships. Supported in large part by philanthropic gifts, endowments produce annual income that becomes a stream of perpetual support.

Endowments allow faculty to invigorate research interests, refine and enhance teaching skills and build bridges to academic disciplines. The Department is humbled to acknowledge the generosity of philanthropists who have made the ultimate investment in our future by establishing professorships which will exist in perpetuity.

  • Anne Scalea Professorship in Trauma
  • Barbara Baur Dunlap Professorship in Surgery 
  • Campbell & Jeannette Plugge Professorship in Surgery
  • Corinne & Joseph Schwartz Professorship in Surgery 
  • Honorable Francis X. Kelly Distinguished Professorship in Trauma Surgery
  • John Young Professorship in Urology
  • Paul N. Manson, MD Distinguished Professorship in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • Peter G. Angelos Distinguished Professor in Entrepreneurial Surgical Sciences
  • Peter Angelos Distinguished Professorship in Surgery 
  • Dr. Robert W. Buxton Chair, Department of Surgery
  • Thomas and Marie Hales Distinguished Professorship in Surgery 
  • Dr. Charles Reid Edwards Professorship in Surgery

Endowed Professorships

For the University of Maryland Department of Surgery to continue its leadership role in academic and scientific circles, and to be counted among the premier institutions of medical education and research in the world, it must sustain an outstanding faculty.

There is no better incentive to attract and retain the best scholars, researchers, and teachers than the endowed professorship.

The Dr. Joseph S. McLaughlin Professorship in Cardio-Thoracic Surgery

"Giving Back to Dr. Mac"

Joseph McLaughlin

Dr. Joseph S. McLaughlin

Sometimes the most modest individuals have the biggest effect on our lives. For many generations of University of Maryland medical students, residents, fellows and faculty members, Dr. Mac was enormously influential both professionally and personally. Through his superior skills as a surgeon and educator, as well as his limitless good nature, he made numerous contributions to the Department of Surgery and the School of Medicine’s growth and reputation.

Just a few of his numerous accomplishments directing the Thoracic Surgery Residency Program and heading the Division of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery for nearly 30 years. After an association with the University of Maryland School of Medicine for nearly 50 years, Dr. McLaughlin announced his retirement in December 1999.

In order to preserve his legacy, a group of colleagues and former students established the initiative to create an endowed professorship in his name. We are grateful to the hundreds of people who have already made a gift to the professorship, and welcome renewed pledges from these donors, as well as new gift commitments. Today we are in sight of our $1.5 million goal with $312,000 left to raise to complete this important professorship.

When making your gift, please select "Dr. Joseph S. McLaughlin Professorship" from the dropdown menu.

Make a Gift to the Dr. Joseph S. McLaughlin Professorship Fund

The Dr. J. Laurance Hill Professorship in Pediatric Surgery


Dr. J. Laurence Hill

As a longtime faculty member at the University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM), Dr. J. Laurance Hill provided surgical interventions for generations of children and mentored countless surgeons.

Dr. Hill keenly understood the ongoing funding needs for research and education, which is why he established a generous endowment for pediatric surgical research and education.

The Department of Surgery at the School of Medicine is launching a fundraising campaign with the goal to elevate Dr. Hill’s generous endowment to an endowed professorship.

We invite you to join us in honoring Dr. Hill with your gift to establish this professorship that will lead to new frontiers in pediatric surgical discoveries.

When making your gift, please select "Dr. J. Laurance Hill Endowment in Pediatric Surgery" from the dropdown menu.

Make a Gift to the Dr. J. Laurance Hill Endowed Professorship in Pediatric Surgery