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Christine L. Lau, MD, MBA

Dr. Robert W. Buxton Chair of Surgery

Academic Title:


Primary Appointment:


Administrative Title:

Chair, Department of Surgery

Additional Title:

Surgeon-in-Chief, University of Maryland Medical Center

Education and Training


  • Dartmouth Medical School, MD,  1995
  • Duke University, Residency, General Surgery, 2002
  • Washington University School of Medicine, Fellowship, Cardiothoracic & Lung Transplant, 2005
  • University of Virginia, Darden MBA, 2012


  • American Board of Thoracic Surgery - Thoracic and Cardiac Surgery, 2007
  • American Board of Surgery - Surgery, 2003

Research/Clinical Keywords

Regadenoson in Human Lung Transplantation, lung cancer screening, transtracheal oxygen, scoop catheter, photodynamic therapy, endoscopic bronchial ultrasound, ebus, thoracic surgery

Highlighted Publications

JunBeller JP; Hawkins RB; Mehaffey JH; Chancellor WZ; Teaster R; WaltersDM;
Krupnick AS; Davis RD; Lau CL. Poor Performance Flagging is Associated With Fewer
Transplants at Centers Flagged Multiple Times. Ann Thorac Surg 2019 Jan 07.

Martin LW; Sarosiek BM; Harrison MA; Hedrick T; Isbell JM; Krupnick AS; Lau CL;
Mehaffey JH; Thiele RH; Walters DM; Blank RS. Implementing a Thoracic Enhanced
Recovery Program: Lessons Learned in the First Year. Ann Thorac Surg 105(6): 1597-1604,

Charles EJ; Mehaffey JH; Sharma AK; Zhao Y; Stoler MH; Isbell JM; Lau CL;
Tribble CG; Laubach VE; Kron IL. Lungs donated after circulatory death and prolonged warm
ischemia are transplanted successfully after enhanced ex vivo lung perfusion using adenosine
A2B receptor antagonism. JTCVS 154(5): 1811-1820. 2017 Nov.

Stringham JR; Phillips JV; McMurry TL; Lambert DL; Jones DR; Isbell JM; Lau CL;
Kozower BD. Prospective study of giant paraesophageal hernia repair with 1-year follow-up.
JTCVS 154(2):743-751, 2017 Aug.

Raphael J; Collins SR; Wang XQ; Scalzo DC; Singla P; Lau CL; Kozower BD;
Durieux ME; Blank RS. Perioperative statin use is associated with decreased incidence of
primary graft dysfunction after lung transplantation. Journal of Heart & Lung Transplantation.
36(9):948-956, 2017 Sep.

Additional Publication Citations

As of January 2020, Dr. Lau has authored or co-authored:

  • 134 Peer-reviewed journal articles
  • 6 Non-peer reviewed journal articles
  • 35 Book chapters
  • 90 Abstracts

Dr. Lau's CV contains a complete listing of her publications.

Awards and Affiliations


  • Junior AOA, Dartmouth Medical School
  • President AOA - Alpha, NH Chapter
  • Syvertsen Scholar, Dartmouth Medical School


  • Janet M. Glasgow Memorial Award, 1st in Medical School Class
  • Arthur Naitove Surgical Scholar Award, Dartmouth Medical School
  • Association for Academic Surgery Award
  • Founding Member of the Mosenthal Surgical Society, Dartmouth Medical School


  • David C. Sabiston Surgical Research Scholar


  • Recipient of ISHLT Transplant Research Fellowship


  • Weck/Duke University Medical Center Department of Surgery Award for Excellence in Clinical & Basic Science Lung Transplantation


  • Washington University School of Medicine Pulmonary Medicine Training Grant (T32HL07317)


  • AATS John W. Kirklin Fellow


  • Detroit’s Top Doctors (Hour Detroit Magazine)


  • Leadership in Academic Medicine
  • Leadership Fellowship Darden MBA


  • US News and World Report Top Doctor


  • Top Doctor in Thoracic Surgery and Cancer


  • Newsweek Top Doctor


  • Dean’s Excellence Award for Team Science

Grants and Contracts

Active Grants

04/2016-03/2021 (PI, 35 %)
Prevention of Lung Transplant Injury with Adenosine 2A Receptor Agonist
R01 HL128492
Annual Direct Cost 663,833
Total Direct Cost ($3,319,165)

Completed Grants

07/1998-06/1999 (PI, 100%)
ISHLT Research Fellow. Lung Transplantation.
Total Direct Cost 25,000

07/2006-06/2008 (PI, 30%)
Leukoregulation by CD39 in Lung Transplantation.
AATS John W. Kirklin Fellow
Annual Direct Cost 80,000
Total Direct Cost 160,000

2006-2007 (Co-PI, 5%) (PI Doug Arenberg, MD)
Primary Pulmonary Hypertension.
Project Grant Number N008170.
Total Direct Cost $40,000

08/2008-07/2009 (PI, 20%)
Cardiovascular Research Center Partner’s Award.
Adenosine Signaling in Heart Transplantation
Annual Direct Cost $25,000
Total Direct Cost $25,000

01/2009-12/2013 (PI, 50%)
Adenosine 2A Receptor Signaling in Lung Transplant Injury and Rejection
NIH/NHLBI 5K08HL094704
Annual Direct Cost $75,000
Total Direct Cost $375,000

07/2009-06/2014 (PI, 10%)
Thoracic Surgery Foundation for Research and Education Matching Funds for K08
These are matching funds for the K08.
Annual Direct Cost $75,000
Total Direct Cost $375,000

2011 (PI, 5%)
Covidien Education Grant
Annual Direct Cost $35,000
Total Direct Cost $35,0000

12/2012-11/2014 (Co PI, 5%) (PI: Kron)
Improving Lung Transplantation with Immediate Ex Vivo Perfusion Roche Organ Transplant Research Foundation, Meggen, Switzerland
This project studies the role of immediate versus delayed ex vivo lung perfusion for the rehabilitation of donor lungs for transplantation using a porcine model.
Total Direct Cost 200,000

12/2012-11/2014 (PI, 20%)
Prevention of Chronic Allograft Rejection through Fibrocytes and mTOR Inhibition
IIR WS2331368
Pfizer ARTS grant
The goal of this study is to study the role of fibrocytes in chronic rejection.
Total Direct Cost 197,372

8/2013-7/2018 Co Investigator 5% (MPI: Laubach/Kron)
Ex vivo perfusion in a lung box for rehabilitation of donor lungs
R01 HL119218
Annual Direct Cost $416,167
Total Direct Cost $2,080,835

7/2015-6/2018 (PI, 10%)
Ex-vivo Lung Perfusion, Buchanan Foundation
This project provides funding to establish the clinical EVLP program at UVA
Annual Direct Cost $54,087
Total Direct Cost $162,261