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Gregory B. Carey, PhD

Academic Title:

Associate Professor

Primary Appointment:

Microbiology and Immunology

Administrative Title:

Executive Director of Student Research and Community Outreach, Office of Student Research; Assistant Dean for Student Research & Education

Additional Title:

Director of Student Summer Research and Community Outreach, OSR


800 W. Baltimore, CVID, 313

Phone (Primary):

(410) 706-8191

Phone (Secondary):

(410) 706-3026


(410) 706-8234

Education and Training

College of the Bahamas, A.A. Biology with Chemistry Minor, 1986

Virginia Commonwealth University, BSc, Biology with Chemistry Minor, 1990

Medical College of Virginia/Virginia Commonwealth University, PhD, Biochemistry, 1995

Guthrie Foundation, Postdoctoral Studies, Cancer Biology and Apoptosis, 1995-1998

Jerome H. Holland Laboratory of the American Red Cross, Postdoctoral Studies, Lymphoma Biology, David W. Scott Group, 1998-2001


Research: Dr. Carey’s research seeks understanding the signals that drive proliferation, growth and survival in lymphoma as well as other cancers. His team has been focused on cytokine and B cell receptor signals that relay life or death information in lymphoma. More recently, the group has discovered that aggressive B cell lymphoma re-purpose certain reactive oxygen species (ROS) and use these ROS for their survival benefits. Moreover, the lymphoma appear to modulate these ROS-dependent survival programs via a specific antioxidant pathway. Our focus is on identifying the molecular players in these processes.

Program Director: Dr. Carey is Director of Student Summer Research and Community Outreach in the Office of Student Research (OSR) at the School of Medicine. In this capacity, Dr. Carey has developed tools and programs and assists his colleagues in providing quality medical research education in the School of Medicine. He also directs the Program for Research Initiated by Students and Mentors (PRISM) and the MPower supported undergraduate pipeline program, UM Scholars. Both programs provide rich, structured, intense, immersive research experiences to medical and undergraduate students onsite at University of Maryland School of Medicine.

Outreach: Recognizing a need for diversification of the biomedical research workforce, Dr. Carey is very active in direct mentoring and in building programs that enhance achievement and diverse participation and in the sciences and in medicine. He has served, and serves on national committees and networks dedicated to fostering and nurturing excitement in science, medicine and research. Dr. Carey’s outreach activities serve to collaboratively bridge the Community and the School of Medicine. This includes research, service and service-learning projects as well as mentoring, interacting and giving talks to students and members of the Community on STEM careers and on the role of research in improving and protecting Community Health. 

Research/Clinical Keywords

Lymphoma, apoptosis, B cell receptor, reactive oxygen species, signal transduction, cancer cell biology, cytokine, resistance, autophagy, RedOx biology

Highlighted Publications

Select Publications (of 28 articles and 36 abstracts)

Mark N. Brueckl, Gregory B. Carey and Toyin Tofade (2016) Creating Global Experiences with Local Impact for Pharmacy and Medical Students. Annals of Global Health (Accepted October, 2016)

Gregory B. Carey*, Sanjit K Roy and PhD and Hanako Daino, PhD. (2014) The Natural Tumorcide Manumycin-A Targets Protein Phosphatase 1a and Reduces Hydrogen Peroxide To Induce Lymphoma Apoptosis (2014). Experimental Cell Research Volume (332) Issue 1: Pages 136–145 PMID: 25556058

Pascaline Clerc, Gregory B. Carey, Zara Mehrabian, , Michael Wei, Geoffrey D. Girnun, Stuart S. Martin, and Brian M. Polster (2012) Rapid detection of a Bcl-2-dependent ABT- 737-sensitive “primed for death” state in cells using microplate-based respirometry . PLoS One. 12;7(8):e42487 PMID: 22880001

Gregory B. Carey, Elena Semenova, Xiulan Qi, and Achsah D. Keegan (2007) IL-4 Protects The B-Cell Lymphoma Cell Line CH31 from Anti-IgM-Induced Growth Arrest And Apoptosis: Contribution Of The PI-3' Kinase/Akt Pathway. Cell Research: 17(11):942-55 PMID: 17968425

Carey, G.B. and Scott D.W. (2001) Role of Phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase in Anti-IgM- and Anti-IgD-Induced apoptosis in B cell lymphomas. J. Immunology 163(3): 1618-26  PMID: 11160203

Carey, G.B. and Liberti, J.P. (1995) Stimulation of Receptor Associated Kinase, Tyrosine Kinase and MAP Kinase Is Required for Prolactin Mediated Macromolecular Biosynthesis and Mitogenesis in Nb2 Lymphoma. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 316(1):179-189 PMID: 7840614

Awards and Affiliations

Select Awards and Honors

2016:                    Interviewed by Fraser Smith, WYPR for work related to community outreach and mentoring and specifically in the CURE Program. “Changing the face of                                           medicine and research.” Aired on WYPE on Dec 5, 2016

2016:                    Accepted travel award for American Biomedical Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS) conference Saratoga, FL. Award sponsored by ASBMB.

2015:                    Recognition for mentoring contributions by P.R.O.M.I.S.E. AGE Program

2015                     Nominated for Board of Regents Faculty Service Award for University System of Maryland

2015                     Panelist: Cancer Research segment on behalf of American Cancer Society and Greenebaum Cancer Society. Lead-up to Ken Burns’ documentary based on                                       Siddhartha Mukherjee’s book, “The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer” Aired on Maryland Public Television April 1, 2015

2013                     Recipient of Martin Luther King Diversity Achievement Award, University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD

2010                     Invitation and reappointment to Minority Affairs Committee of American Association of Immunologists

2001 – 2003        Nominated For Roland Lange Distinguished Fellow in Biomedical Sciences award (At the American Red Cross

1984-1986           Commonwealth Bank Scholar, College of the Bahamas

1995                     First Place John C. Forbes, Graduate Honors Award, MCV/VCU, April 19, 1995

Grants and Contracts

8/1/2015  - 7/31/2016
Role: Leadership board, programming, Chair of mentoring sub-committee
P.I. Kevin Cullen
Agency: NCI/NIH
Title: UMB CURES Scholars Program. P30 supplement to Greenebaum Cancer Center Grant
The major goal of this supplement is to create a cancer research pipeline of oncologists and scientists beginning from the 6th grade. Other goals include cancer workforce development from the Baltimore community surrounding the Greenebaum Cancer Center and UMB.
Award 2016: $258,544. 5 Yr. Renewal invited and submitted March 30th, 2016

3/1/2016 – 2/28/2021
Roles: Recruitment, retention, programming, mentoring and leadership
P.I. Eduardo Davila

4/01/2012 – 03/31/2017
Role: Co-P.I. Gregory B. Carey  P.I. Xi Zhan
Agency: NIH/NCI R01CA113809

Title: The Role of The Missing in Metastasis Gene in Tumor Progression
Description: To define the role of the Missing in Metastasis gene in B cell lymphoma development and progression.
Award Totals: Direct: $1,250,000. Total: $1.9M

UMB Postbaccalaureate Research Education Program (PREP)
The major goal of this program is to provide up to two years of post-baccalaurate training and programing for populations who are under-represented in the biomedical research science workforce
Award 2016: $ 186,235

Role: Program Lead and co-Director
Title: UM Scholars Program
Agency: MPowering The State (MD State Funds)
Description: UM Scholars is an immersive and intensive summer research training program for undergraduates, which is run by the OSR, UMSOM. The program is pipelining students to STEM and research and health profession careers. Program had 2 students when in pilot program when GBC assumed major role. Currently has 12 students. Graduate expansion pilot in 2016. GBC Lead.
Total costs 2014: $50,000 Total costs 2015: $60,000 Total Costs 2016: $$80,000

Completed Grants

MIPT Supplement to R01CA55644-07S1.   P.I. David W. Scott
Role: Trainee 
Agency: NIH/NCI R01CA55644
Title: Regulation of B Lymphoma Growth and Apoptosis.
Description:Project was to explore mechanism of B cell receptor mediated growth arrest and apoptosis in a deletional lymphoma model. Additional goals were to begin to develop Dr. Carey (then a postdoctoral fellow), along a path towards independence.
Direct annual costs~$50,000

2002 - 2007
P.I. Gregory B. Carey ( Postdoc to Jr. Faculty Career Dev.Award):
Agency: NCI  K01CA94027.
Title: mIgM andmIgD Receptor Signaling in B-Cell Lymphoma Apoptosis
Description: To better understand the roles of surface immunoglobulin receptors IgM and IgD in B cell biology.
Total costs: ~$700,000

8/1/2005 – 12/31/2006
P.I. Gregory B. Carey
Agency: University of Maryland Intramural Project Development Award
Title: Role of Reactive Oxygen Species in B-Cell Receptor Mediated Death.
Description: Investigation to see if Reactive oxygen species played roles in B cell lymphoma survival and death. Results showed that do. Data used to help procure K22 and UH2 grants.
Total costs: $15,000

09/25/2007 – 8/31/2011
Role: P.I. Gregory B. Carey (75%) Independent Career Transition Award)
Agency: NCI  K22CA128882.
Title: Selective Targeting of MEK and Akt in Lymphoma and Myeloma Apoptosis.
Total costs: ~$500,000

10/2009 – 9/2010
Role: P.I. Gregory B.Carey
Agency: NCI    K22CA128882-03S1. (Administrative Supplement to K22CA128882. A.R.R.A.)
Title: Selective Targeting of MEK and Akt in Lymphoma and Myeloma Apoptosis
Objectives: Salary and benefits for 2 employees plus lab supplies.
Total costs: $100,000 requested and awarded.

08/1/2011 - 07/30/2013
Role: Co-P.I. Gregory B. Carey . P.I. Tonya J. Webb
Agency: NIH/NCI R21CA162277-01
Title: Altered Cellular Bioenergetics Influence NKT Cell Mediated Responses to Lymphoma
Description: This study will examine the role of HIF-1a signaling in both in vitro and in vivo models of Mantle Cell Lymphoma.
Award Totals: Direct: $275,000. Total: $420,750

9/1/2011-08/31/2014 (NCE to 8/31/2015)
P.I. Gregory B. Carey
Agency: NIH/NCI UH2CA158689.
Title: Roles of Reactive Oxygen Species in B Cell Lymphoma Fate.
Description: The major goals of this project is to explore the role of SOD1 and the mechanisms that dynamically regulate this critical RedOx protein in B cell lymphomas.
Award Total: $275,000 direct. Total: $412,500 Max/2yrs

Role: P.I. Gregory B. Carey
Agency: NIA  5T35AG036679
Title: Short-termTraining Program on Aging
Description: This training grant introduces health professional students (Medical, Dental, Pharmacy and Physical Therapy students) to research and specifically, research as it relates to aging. Students are competitively selected and matched with mentors. The program runs 10 weeks every summer.
Award: $~143,000/year to support 20 students.

4/1/14 - 3/31/15
P.I. Gregory B. Carey 
Agency: Intramural. Global Education Center and President’s Offices, UMB
Title: A Proposal to Obtain an Inter-professional Assessment of Health, Research and Service Need and Collaborative Opportunities for UMB in The Gambia
Description: Inter-professional survey and service-learning project that sought the public need in The Gambia to discover how UMB can partner and collaborate with institutes and the people in The Gambia, Africa, for mutual, collaborative benefit.
Total costs: $10,000