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Psychiatry - Secondary Faculty

  • Bale, Tracy L., PhD, Professor
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    Keywords: prenatal stress, epigenetics, neurodevelopmental disorders, affective disorders, sex differences, CRF, neuroendocrinology, OGT, brain maturation, sperm microRNA, placenta, exosomes, autism
  • Brown, Clayton H., PhD, Professor
    (410) 706-1058
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    Keywords: Analysis of longitudinal and other clustered data, clinical trials, missing data, factor analysis, mental illness.
  • Cheer, Joseph F., PhD, Professor
    (410) 706-0112
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    Keywords: Cannabinoids, endocannabinoids, dopamine, motivation, addiction, depression, schizophrenia, voltammetry, electrophysiology, optogenetics, chemogenetics, calcium imaging
  • Chen, Shuo , PhD, Associate Professor
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    Keywords: Big Data, machine learning, clinical trial design/analysis, network/graph statistics, neuroimaging statistics (MRI, EEG, fMRI, MRS, and DTI data), genomics and proteomics, Bayesian modeling, optimization.
  • Colloca, Luana , MD, PhD, Associate Professor
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  • Crino, Peter B., MD, PhD, Professor
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    Keywords: Epilepsy, Autism, Intellectual Disability, Brain Development, Translational Neuroscience, mTOR, focal cortical dysplasia, tuberous sclerosis complex
  • Davis, Stephen N., MBBS, Professor
    (410) 328-2488
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    Keywords: Diabetes, Hypoglycemia, Exercise, Inflammation
  • dosReis, Susan C., PhD, Associate Professor
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  • Faden, Alan I., MD, Professor
    (410) 706-4205
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    Keywords: Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Neuroinflammation, Central Nervous System Injury, Neuroprotection, Cell Death and Recovery, Spinal Cord Injury, Neuroimmunology.
  • Frost, Douglas O., PhD, Professor
    (410) 706-0413
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    Keywords: Schizophrenia Depression and Anxiety Anti-Depressant Drugs Anti-Psychotic Drugs Biological Psychiatry Brain Cellular Neuroscience Developmental Neurobiology Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Resting State Functional MRI; Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy) Molecular Neuroscience Neuroanatomy Neuroinflammation Neuropsychology Neurophysiology Neuroscience Stress
  • Greenblatt, Aaron D., MD, Assistant Professor
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    Keywords: primary care, addiction, substance use disorders, opioid use disorders, reverse colocation, family medicine, smoking cessation
  • Krueger, Bruce K., PhD, Professor
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  • Lobo, Mary Kay , PhD, Professor
    (410) 706-8824
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    Keywords: Addiction, depression, stereotypy, striatum, nucleus accumbens, neuron subtypes, circuits, gene expression, transcription, epigenetics
  • Love, Raymond C., PharmD, Professor
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  • Margolis, Frank L., PhD, Professor Emeritus
    (410) 706-8913
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    Keywords: Chemosensory, olfaction, gene regulation,
  • McCarthy, Margaret M., PhD, Professor
    (410) 706-2655
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    Keywords: Neuroendocrinology, postnatal brain development, steroid hormone action, sex differences, epigenetics, neuroinflammation, neonatal hypoxia ischemia, behavior, neurohypophyseal hormones, endocannabinoids, amino acid transmitters, postnatal neurogenesis, synaptogenesis, astrocytes, microglia and mast cells.
  • O'Donnell, Patricio , MD, PhD, Adjunct Professor
    (410) 706-6411
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  • Schiffman, Jason E., PhD, Associate Professor
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  • Soovere, Ilo , MD, Adjunct Assistant Professor
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  • Thompson, Scott M., PhD, Professor
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  • Zito, Julie M., PhD, Professor
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