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Extramural Rotations

Extramural rotations, often referred to as “away” rotations, can be a part of the residency application process or simply an opportunity for a student to participate in a unique experience at another institution. Doing a rotation at another institution can be a way to explore a specialty, program, or location of interest. It may also be a good opportunity to see how things are done at other institutions and/or to network with faculty in your specialty.  


An Extramural rotation is any course not in the UMSOM Course Catalog and taken at another institution. Students in Good Standing may apply for, register, and take an extramural rotation in the Advanced Clinical Phase.  

Application Process  

Timing – Students may participate in extramural rotations in the Advanced Clinical Phase.  Applications systems are generally available in the winter (e.g., January) for rotations in the summer/fall (e.g., May-November).   

Deciding Where to Apply – Students should consider doing Extramural rotations at programs of interest and where they are competitive for residency application.  Students should consider advice from faculty mentors in their specialty as well as OSA when deciding where to apply.   

The following Resources may be helpful when deciding where to apply:  

Application Systems  

Many host programs participate in the AAMC VSLO program and students can identify programs and apply through the VSLO central application system. If an institution does not participate in VSLO, the student should refer to that institution’s website for any visiting student information.  

You must be invited by UMSOM OSA before you can access and use the VSLO application system. Students may request access from OSA by emailing Students must complete and attest to reviewing the below module.   

Extramural Rotation Registration Module  

Attestation Form Link  

Supporting Documents  

Each host institution has its own unique requirements and required documents; be sure to confirm these with them before you apply.  

Affiliation Agreements. An Affiliation Agreement between UMSOM and the host institution is required prior to the start of the rotation. OSA will provide the Affiliation Agreement; the student must email to request once rotation is confirmed.   

Official Transcript. OSA will directly upload your Official Transcript (email OSA to request once rotation confirmed)   

Standard Requirements 

  • CV (OSA CV Preparation Tips 
  • Personal Statement (OSA Personal Statement Guidelines 
  • Headshot 
  • USMLE Step 1 Report – Students can request a copy of their transcript directly from the NBME, OSA does not have access to this report.  
  • Immunization Records – VSLO and most application systems will use the AAMC Standardized Immunization Form to document immunizations.
  • Immunizations need to be filled out by the student prior to being dropped off to Student Health. Log into your CastleBranch account and transfer the information over to the Immunization Form. Once filled out, forms can be dropped off in-person to Student Health for review and signature.  
  • To drop off your forms for review and signature, please go to Student Health (408 W. Lombard St.) and proceed upstairs to the front desk. There you will drop off your forms with the front desk staff. These forms will be reviewed and ready for pickup in 10 days as long as they have all the information needed.
  • If you have additional questions, email or call 667-214-1883. 

Additional Documents  

  • BLS/ACLS – Students may access their digital card here 
  • Personal Health Insurance  

The following may be required and can be provided by OSA. Students should request these documents using the Away Rotation Document Request Form.   

  • Letter of Good Standing  
  • Mask Fit Documentation  
  • HIPAA/OSHA Training – (Good Guy Letter)  
  • Bloodborne Pathogen Training (OSHA) – (Good Guy Letter)  
  • Professional Liability and Malpractice Coverage  

Letters of Recommendation – your letter writer must email the LoR to Stephanie Lee ( and OSA will upload to the VSLO document section. The student cannot view the recommendation, or it will become invalid.  

Please email OSA ( for questions or assistance.

Financial Support and Planning  

Students who need assistance with financial planning or other support should schedule an appointment with SOM Financial Aid and Wellness ( to discuss.   

Students may also find opportunities for scholarships and stipends through the VSLO Database or program-specific websites.

Registration at SOM

Scheduling Resources

Advanced Clinical Phase Scheduling Process - Intramural Rotations

Advanced Clinical Phase Scheduling Process - Extramural (Away) Rotations


Students are responsible for ensuring SOM has the appropriate supervisory contacts for evaluation. At the start of the extramural rotation, a list of evaluators and their contact information should be sent to 

Graduation Credit  

Students should review the MD Program Graduation Requirements  

  • All Advanced Clinical Phase rotations are 4-weeks in duration (note: students may be allowed to participate in 3-week rotations scheduling conflicts arise between institutions, please see policy for additional details).     
  • Extramural rotations can only fulfill an elective requirement, regardless of whether they are a sub-internship or elective at the host institution. 
  • Students must register at UMSOM prior to the start of the rotation to receive graduation credit.