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Every residency application requires a copy of your transcript. It is a good idea to check SURFS to make sure that your transcript is up to date during the early stages of your application process and to perform a final review before it is scanned into ERAS. Any grades listed as "NM" for "no mark" or "I" for an incomplete should be addressed with the course director and OSA immediately because transcripts will not be updated once they are scanned.

All grades received to date will have been placed on your transcripts. On the SURFS transcript the "I" stands for inclusion and "E" stands for the exclusion of a course grade for GPA purposes. The Office of Student Affairs does not use the calculations indicated in SURFS to calculate GPAs. Although these codes show on the SURFS version of the transcript, the codes are not displayed on the official version of the transcript. OSA calculates GPAs by using a weighted system, which is used for in-house purposes only. GPAs are not made public. If your GPA is requested for any reason, you should put N/A on the form. Click here for the School of Medicine Grading Policy.

We will transmit transcripts on or just before September 15th. The Office of Student Affairs will work to ensure that all third-year clerkships are included on your transcripts. If you have third-year clerkship grades that have come in after September 15th, OSA will send you an e-mail asking if you would like your transcript and MSPE reloaded to ERAS. All other grades will be automatically uploaded to your MSPE document and will thus be available to residency programs transmitted on October 1st.

All other evaluations that come in after October 1st are uploaded to your MSPE on a weekly basis. The evaluations are sent directly to your MSPE writer and they will review the evaluation. After they have completed the review process, you will be sent an e-mail asking if you would like your MSPE reloaded to ERAS. We will only reload your MSPE to ERAS with new evaluations from September and October.