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Other Areas of Specialization

Toxic Exposure Evaluations

Lead, other Heavy Metal and Toxic Exposures: Assisting affected workers and their families with treatment, prevention and return to safe work recommendations.

Healthcare Worker Hazards

Biological and Chemical Hazards: Addressing the hazards encountered in the healthcare environment including exposure to blood borne pathogens, Tuberculosis, hazardous anti-cancer drugs, latex allergy, and industrial germicidal agents.

Reducing Lower Back Injury in Workers in Long Term and Acute Health Care: Focuses on helping health care organizations to identify sources of musculo-skeletal injury risk including patient lifting, to implement safe lift policies to reduce employee injuries and to promote patient safety.

Chemical/Biological/Pandemic Flu Preparedness: Program design and worker training programs on Chemical/Biological/Pandemic Flu Preparedness including respiratory protection programs, infection control protocols and all hazards preparedness.

Reproductive Hazards in the Workplace: Provides clinical and programmatic recommendations on the occupational hazards influencing preconception health and pregnancy.