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Education & Training

Teaching occupational and environmental health at UMB

Workers The Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine provides faculty for teaching activities within the medical school and graduate school. Additionally, staff members teach in a number of the other professional schools on campus including the Schools of Nursing and Law and are active in other venues providing community and continuing education in occupational and environmental health.

School of Medicine

Our faculty teaches in the undergraduate medical school program in topics of chemical toxicology, environmental exposures and epidemiology. Division faculty members are regular presenters at Ambulatory Care Conferences and participate in other specialty conferences in the Department of Medicine, as well.

Clinical Rotations

The principal teaching venue for the Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine is the Occupational Medicine clinic. The Residency Competencies for the rotation were recently updated and serve as a guide for the rotation. Medical students and residents can choose an elective with division clinicians and work in the Occupational Medicine Clinic evaluating patients with an occupational or environmentally caused health complaint. We see patients with concerns about exposure to asbestos, silica, lead, mercury, solvents, pesticides and other toxic materials.