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Maryland Epilepsy Center

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More Patients Cope with Diagnosis of Epilepsy (Baltimore Sun)

Program Director: Jennifer Hopp, MD

The Maryland Epilepsy Center is a tertiary referral center for evaluation and treatment of seizure disorders in adults and children. Of particular interest are seizures that are either difficult to diagnose or intractable to medical therapy.

Outpatient facilities for patient evaluations, EEG, evoked potentials and video-EEG studies are complemented by a state-of-the-art four-bed Epilepsy Monitoring Unit that permits long-term inpatient continuous video-EEG monitoring. The Maryland Sleep Disorders Center is also a part of our clinical neurophysiology laboratory.

An active seizure surgery program includes a multidisciplinary team performing scalp and intracranial EEG recordings, cortical mapping and neuropsychological assessment. Neuroimaging capabilities include routine and thin section MRI, ictal SPECT and functional MRI.


Research Components Include Investigations Into:

  • cellular mechanisms of neuronal excitation
  • multichannel analysis of patterns of seizure onset and propagation
  • investigational drug trials
  • management of status epilepticus
  • treatment of post-traumatic epilepsy
  • the epidemiology of seizure disorders

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