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Research Facilities

  • Laboratory 

    The Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes & Nutrition is housed in HSFIII at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. There are approximately 7,865 square feet of state-of-the-art wet laboratory space that is fully equipped for genetics/genomics and cell/molecular biology research including semi-automated high throughput genotyping capabilities.

    Laboratory equipment includes Tecan Genesis robotics workstation, Transgenomics dHPLC, pyrosequencer (Pyrosequencing, Inc.), ABI 7900 (Taqman), multiple thermocyclers, Cepheid Smartcycler and Roche Lightcycler real-time PCR machines, a wide variety of agarose and PAGE electrophoresis equipment including horizontal and vertical gel boxes and power sources, UV crosslinker, microwave ovens, Stratagene, Alphainnotech and Biorad gel documentation systems, Hybaid hybridization ovens, gel drier, slot blot apparatus, orbital shakers, water baths, cell culture incubators, cell culture hoods, Zeiss and Olympus inverted microscopes, Beckman-Coulter Multi-sizer 3, Beckman Avanti J-25I high-speed centrifuge, Beckman Optima L90K ultracentrifuge, Beckman refrigerated low-speed centrifuges, DNA-mini Speed-vac, microfuges, pH meter, vortexes, sonicator, polytron, ultra-low freezers, refrigerators and freezers, top loading balances, four dedicated PCR work stations, Millipore water purification system, Perkin Elmer HTS7000 fluorimeter, Beckman DU640 ultraviolet spectrophotometer, Wallace Victor 1420 Multilabel Counter, Beckman LS6500 liquid scintillation counter, Turner Designs TD-20/20 luminometer, Amersham Pharmacia FPLC, and fully equipped dark room and Kodak developer.

  • Clinical 

    The Amish Research Clinic is located in Lancaster, PA. It consists of over 3,300 square feet of clinical research space including a waiting area, 5 examining/procedure rooms, medication room, kitchen, and a fully equipped clinical laboratory for blood processing and storage, and platelet aggregation studies (including a Laminar Flow Hood). The clinic is equipped with 3 EKG machines, Discovery QDR bone densitometer, Hologic Sahara for heel ultrasound, one Phillips ultrasound unit for vascular imaging, one Laptop ultrasound unit, Sphygmocor Xcel for pulsewave velocity, EasyOnePro Lab for pulmonary function testing, 4 automatic blood pressure monitors, four IV pumps, and ten 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitors. For fieldwork, there are seven vans and a recreational vehicle outfitted to do clinics in the community setting.

    The NIH-fuded University of Maryland General Clinical Research Center has trained clinical research personnel and is fully equipped to perform state-of-the-art clinical research.

  • Nutrition Obesity Research Center (NORC) of Maryland 

  • Baltimore Diabetes Research Training Center (DRTC) 

  • University of Maryland GCRC