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Department History

Dermatology was first recognized as a specialty at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in 1879 and became its own department in 1992.

The department has been led by seven chairmen:

  • Isaac Edmondson Atkinson, MD (1879-1897)
  • Thomas Casper Gilchrist, MD (1897-1927)
  • Melvin Samuel Rosenthal, MD (1927-1935)
  • Harry M. Robinson Sr., MD (1935-1954)
  • Harry M. Robinson Jr., MD (1954-1977)
  • Joseph W. Burnett, MD (1977-2003)
  • Anthony A. Gaspari, MD (2003-2015)

Department Milestones

  • Dr. Burnett's Retirement Party
  • Dr. Atkinson served as Dean of the Medical School from 1890-1893.
  • Dr. Gilchrist isolated and proved the cause of Blastomycosis.
  • Dr. Robinson Sr. led the University of Maryland into the modern area of clinical teaching with approval for a residency training program in 1947. He was succeeded by his son.
  • Dr. Robinson Jr. developed and ran the teaching and residency program as a division of the Department of Medicine for almost 23 years. He became a nationally known clinician and diagnostician who trained many practicing dermatologists.
  • Dr. Burnett led the development of research laboratories in the Division of Dermatology and began to recruit full time physicians to teach in the program. In 1992 he was successful in having the Medical School develop a new Department of Dermatology. His personal research on Marine Toxicology led him to international prominence in this field.
  • Dr. Gaspari served as interim chairman beginning in 2003 and was appointed chairman in 2005.

Teacher of the Year Award

  • 2004 - Ronald Goldner, MD
  • 2005 - Stanley Miller, MD
  • 2006 - MoutaDilaimy, MD
  • 2007 - Charlotte Modley, MD
  • 2008 - Stanley Yaffe, MD
  • 2009 - Saif Syed, MD
  • 2010 - Marcia Driscoll, MD

Resident chosen award to PT, FT or Volunteer faculty for outstanding teaching contribution.