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B'More for Healthy Babies

Fact: Educational initiatives and health interventions need to be targeted to the population.

Did you know, current vaccination rates during pregnancy are lower than other high-risk groups and the general population?

Our pilot project, “Improving Vaccine Education Among Low Income Pregnant Women,” aims to advance positive health outcomes in mothers and babies by working with the community to: 

  • Understand barriers to vaccination and;
  • Design appropriate educational interventions.

We looked at attitudes of pregnant women of color – regarding vaccines during pregnancy – in Baltimore, MD. Using blended methodological tools of focus groups, key informant interviews, and very small focus groups, this project highlighted barriers to vaccine uptake, along with factors that contribute to vaccine hesitancy. The project sought to advance positive health outcomes in mothers and babies through a deeper understanding of the factors that impede vaccination.

Results: Community-based health interventions work to improve health outcomes in mothers and babies.

FAQs for pregnant women: COVID-19, Pregnancy, & Breastfeeding