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Patents and Intellectual Property

Our researchers have developed technology resulting in 94 U.S. patents for vaccines, diagnostics, and drug delivery systems.

Recent examples include:

9,050,283: Broad spectrum vaccine against non-typhoidal Salmonella, 2016.

  • Inventors: Myron M. Levine, Raphael Simon, James Galen, and Sharon Tennant

9,446,113: Bacterial live vector vaccines expressing chromosomally-integrated foreign antigens, 2016.

  • Inventors: James E. Galen, Jin-Yuan Wang

Patent application PCT/US2015/051032: Broad spectrum conjugate vaccine to prevent Klebsiella pneumoniae and Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections, 2016.

  • Inventors: Raphael Simon, Alan S. Cross, and Sharon M. Tennant

9,011,871: Broad spectrum vaccine against typhoidal and non-typhoidal Salmonella disease, 2015.

  • Inventors: Myron M. Levine, James Galen, Raphael Simon, and Sharon Tennant

9,051,574: Antigen Export Technology Using Non-hemolytic Versions of ClyA, 2015.

  • Inventors: James E. Galen, Yuansha Chen

9,200,258: Multicellular Organotypic Model of Intestinal Mucosa, 2015.

  • Inventors: Rosangela Mezghanni, Alessio Fasano, and Marcelo B Sztein

Provisional patent application number 62/146,545: Compositions and methods for producing bacterial conjugate vaccines.

  • Inventors: Raphael Simon, Myron M. Levine, and Sharon M. Tennant

For further information concerning licensing CVD intellectual technology, please view the website of the University of Maryland UM Ventures.