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Industry Partners


University of Maryland BioPark

UM Biopark hosts emerging, high-growth life science companies and translational research centers of the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB). For early-stage to mature bioscience companies, the BioPark offers a sophisticated laboratory and office environment on the University's vibrant academic medical center campus. In 2017, the Association for University Research Parks (AURP) named the BioPark "Outstanding University Research Park of the Year."




KaloCyte, Inc.

KaloCyte, Inc. is a pre-clinical stage healthcare biotech startup, recently relocated to UMB as an affiliate of the UM BioPark. KaloCyte is developing ErythroMer, a dried, bio-inspired artificial red blood cell substitute envisioned for use when stored red blood cells are unavailable, undesirable, or in short supply.

KaloCyte-CBOTH collaboration: KaloCyte co-founders, Allan Doctor and Dipanjan Pan, are faculty at UMB with their academic laboratories at CBOTH (a third co-founder, Philip Spinella is at Washington University, St. Louis School of Medicine). KaloCyte is co-located at CBOTH, to allow for project integration to further development of ErythroMer.



Other Industry Collaborations


Haima Therapeutics

Haima Therapeutics is a pre-clinical stage biotechnology company focused on the development of platelet-inspired therapeutics to control bleeding and treat other blood-related disorders where platelets play a key role in its progression, such as thrombosis, inflammation, cancer metastasis and other pathologies.









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