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Analytical Core


The mission of the Center for Blood Oxygen Transport (CBOTH) analytical core is to support basic science and applied research toward advancing novel therapeutics. Our emphasis is on the process of pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and medical device product development that assists investigators and industry-based partners with early pre-clinical proof-of-concept, product refinement and basic safety assessments.

Early phase assistance typically includes analysis of novel products or components, assessment of product identity, purity, potency, and stability as well as to development and validation of assays to define these assessments.

Further, working in synergy with CBOTH core facilities, we assist with ADME and pharmacokinetic, biocompatibility and the exploratory toxicology studies. The ultimate goals of the Analytical Core are to assist core users preparing for regulatory agency interactions, and assist with each step as product candidates move through the development process.


Services Offered

  • Drug and metabolites identification and analysis of specimen (Plasma/Urine/Tissue) with AND without method development
  • Protein Analysis and Purification
  • Analytical size exclusion
  • Enzyme reaction kinetics
  • Extinction coefficient determination
  • Protein-ligand binding studies
  • Elisa assay of specimen
  • Membrane fluidity assay
  • Pharmacokinetics Analysis of parent drug/biologic/metabolite
  • Self-operated use of core equipment


Biotek NEO2 Plate Reader

  • Biotek Synergy Neo2 Microplate Reader with filter cubes


LI-COR imager

  • LI-COR Imager


Waters 2695 Alliance HPLC system

  • Waters 2695 Alliance HPLC system


Dual Beam Spectrophotometer

  • Agilent Cary 5000 Spectrophotometer
  • Biotek Synergy Gas Controller
  • Savant Speedvac vacuum concentrator
  • AKTA Pure FPLC
  • 800 Series TEA Nitric Oxide Analyzer
  • Krosflo Research II I TFF System
  • Tri E Photolysis System from
  • WPINONROS Analyzer


For questions regarding CBOTH’s Analytical Core services, please contact:

 Paul W. Buehler, PharmD, PhD

Paul W. Buehler, PharmD, PhD
Director, CBOTH Analytical Core

Phone: 410-706-5171