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Available Positions

Postdoctoral Positions in Neurotrauma

  • Job requirements: A Ph.D. and/or MD degree is required with training in Neuroscience, Genetics, Molecular/Cell Biology, pharmacology, and/or a related field. Candidates should be highly motivated and independent with the ability to work in a dynamic team environment. They should have exceptional organizational skills and strong oral and written communication skills. Additional requirements include:
    • Experience with animal models of SCI and TBI (mouse and rat) is preferred;
    • Experience in flow cytometry, Ca2+ measurement in vitro and in vivo with two-photon microscopy, as well as qPCR are highly desirable;
    • Experience with immunohistochemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, as well as behavioral tests (cognition, motor function, depression, pain) is preferred.
    • Primary neuronal and/or glial cell culture, with MACSĀ® Technology, are welcome.

Interested individuals are encouraged to forward their CV, contact information of at least three references, a brief description of past research experience and accomplishments, and expected availability date to Dr. Junfang Wu (


Lab technician Position (spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury research)

  • Requirements but not limited: Genotyping, general histology, SCI animal care, animal perfusion, brain, and spinal cord tissue sectioning.


For all positions please email Dr. Junfang Wu at