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Friday, October 20

Day 1: Friday

7:50 am

Khanjan Nagarsheth, MD


Surgical and Endovascular Session

Moderator:  Khanjan Nagarsheth, MD

8:00 am

Pedal Artery Bypass
Justin Nelms, MD

8:15 am

Pitfalls for Deep Venous Arterialization
Rafael Santini, MD

8:30 am

Use of Arterial Intravascular Ultrasound to Guide Therapy
Michael Hall, MD

8:45 am

Atherectomy: Friend or Foe?
Nelson Bernardo, MD

9:00 am

Deep Venous Reflux and Venous Valve Surgery
Eric Hager, MD 

DEI in Limb Preservation

Moderator:  Sarasijhaa Desikan, MD

9:15 am

Identifying Sexual Dimorphisms in PAD
Anahita Dua, MD 

9:30 am

Disparities in CTLI in the Latinx Population
Gabriel Periera, MD 

9:45 am

Barriers for Access to Care for the PAD Patient
Swati Chaparala, MD 

10:00 am

DEI in Cardiac Risk Stratification
Megan Carroll, MD 

10:15am - 10:30am  | BREAK 


Keynote Address

10:30 am

Introduction to Keynote Speaker
Rajabrata Sarkar, MD

10:40 am - 11:30 am

Thomas S. Monahan Memorial Keynote Lecture

Joseph Mills, MD

Papers that Should Change your Practice 2023

Moderator: Jeanwan Kang, MD

11:30 am

Mirnal Chaudhary, MD

11:50 am

Emily Durrance, MD

12:10 am

Wound Management and Soft Tissue Infections
William Chiu, MD

12:30am-1:30pm | LUNCH & RESIDENT COMPETITION (non-CME)


Multidisciplinary Considerations in End-Stage Limb Care

Moderator: Suzanna Fitzpatrick, CRNP

1:30 pm

Pre-habilitation for Amputation
Allyson Zabala, DPT

1:45 pm

Caregiver Fatigue and the Amputee
Nora Dunlap, CRNP

2:00 pm

Preparing your Patient for Major Limb Amputation
Greg Sachs, MD

2:15 pm

Pain Management for the Limb Patient
Mehul Desai, MD

Venous Lymphatic Session

Moderator:  Brajesh Lal, MD

2:30 pm

Starting a Comprehensive Venous Program
Anil Hingorani, MD

2:45 pm

QOL After Debulking Surgery for End Stage
Kuldeep Singh, MD

3:00 pm

Physiologic Assessment of Venous Obstruction
Charles Fox, MD

3:15 pm

Venous Reconstruction for Non-Healing Wounds
Areck Ucuzian, MD

3:30 pm

Iliac Vein Anteriorization for MTS
Khanjan Nagarsheth, MD

3:45pm -4:00pm | BREAK

Selected Topic in Limb Care

Moderator: Khanjan Nagarsheth, MD

4:00 pm

Cognitive Dysfunction and Peripehral Artery Disease
Sarasijhaa Desikan, MD

4:15 pm

PAD Screening for High Risk Patients
John Martin, MD

4:30 pm

Timing of Podiatric Surgery and Revascularization 
Michael Lilly, MD

4:45 pm

Costs Associated with Limb Salvage vs. Amputation
Ann Kim, MD

5:00pm | Closing Remarks

Khanjan Nagarsheth, MD

Saturday, October 21

Day 2: Saturday

8:00 am

Jacob Wynes, DPM


Business of Wound Care

8:20 am

Coding Do's and Don'ts for Outpatient Wound Care Coding
David Freedman, DPM

8:30 am

Wound Care in the Private Practice Setting
Maryellen Brucato, DPM

Panel Discussion

Charcot/Infection Case/Vascular Case

8:40 am

Moderator: Jacob Wynes, DPM

Jayson Atves, DPM
Andrew Meyr, DPM
Shivakumar Narayanan, MBBS
Khanjan Nagarsheth, MD


Building a TEAM

9:10 am

Building from Scratch: Podiatric Perspective
Tiffany Hoh, DPM

9:20 am

A Primer on DM and its Effects on Bone and Perfusion
Hilary Whitlach, MD

9:30 am

Lessons from the Trenches: Obstacles and Solutions
Elizabeth Ford, CRNP

9:40 am

APPs and their Integral Role in Limb Preservation
Sarah Rosenberger, CRNP

10:00 am | BREAK


Amputation Disparities

10:20 am

Local versus Free Flap for Limb Salvage
Arthur Nam, MD

10:30 am

How Likely is Major Amputation After Foot Infection
Barry Rosenblum, DPM

10:40 am

Vascularized Bone Graft in Foot and Ankle
Christopher Bibbo, DO

10:50 am

The BEST Partial Foot Amputation
Andrew Meyr, DPM


Surgical Reconstruction in the Diabetic/Limb Salvage Patient

11:00 am

A Stepwise Approach to Charcot Reconstruction
Korey DuBois, DPM

11:10 am

Is Ankle Charcot Preventable?
Jacob Wynes, DPM

11:20 am

Surgical Offloading
Jayson Atves, DPM

11:30 am

Lessons Learned in Performing the Vertical Contour Calcanectomy
John Steinberg, DPM

11:50 am

Neuromicrosurgery Phantom Free Transtibial ERTL Amputation
Edgardo Rodriquez, DPM

12 pm | LUNCH

12:30 pm

Introduction to Keynote Speaker
Jacob Wynes, DPM

12:35 pm

An Evolution in the Management of Charcot Management
Guido LaPorta, DPM


A New Twist to an Old Procedure

1:10 pm

Pearls of Talotibial Calcaneal Arthrodesis
Natalie Danna, MD

1:20 pm

The Role of Minimal Invasive Surgery in Limb Salvage

1:30 pm

Reproducible Application of a Circular Ring Fixator
Nicole Cates, DPM

1:40 pm

Optimizing the Transmetatarsal Amputation
Brian Lepow, DPM

2 pm | Break


Healing by Secondary Intention: Magic or Science?

2:20 pm

Perseverance is Key: When Giving Up is Not an Option
Haywan Chiu, DPM

2:30 pm

Can we Trust Non Invasive Vascular Testing?
Jeanwan Kang, MD

2:40 pm

Importance of Managing the Periwound
Tracey Vlahovic, DPM


Management of Infection

2:50 pm

Should Every Wound be Cultured?
Shivakumar Narayanan, MBBS

3:00 pm

Perseverance in the Face of Adversity
Jacob Wynes, DPM

3:10 pm

Are we sure its Osteomyelitis?
Paul Kim, MD

3:20 pm

Imaging in Osteomyelitis: What should we be looking for?
Derik Davis, MD

3:30 pm

Local Antibiotic Delivery in the Treatment of Colonized Wounds
Hummira Abawi, DPM


Jacob Wynes, DPM